Brooke and Marcus

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How We Met

Marcus and I have been dating for 8.5 years now it was about 8 years when he proposed. We met in high school and have been together ever since! We made it through some long distance in college and ended up finishing college out together at CSU. I knew since high school Marcus was going to be the man I married and I couldn’t have pictured a better proposal than what he planned. He combined everything I loved into one from the place, the people, animals, music, etc. I cannot wait to marry Marcus and to be a 2021 bride this summer!

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How They Asked

August 7, 2020, was the best day of my life. My best friend Dillon, who I met in college, convinced me to go on a two hour horseback ride up in Vail. He told me we had to dress up all cute for the pictures we’d get on the trail ride. I was all for taking some cute pics, so I dressed up in my best cowgirl outfit. On the way up, Marcus was texting me about work, so I was convinced he was still at home since he didn’t have that Friday off as I did. We got to the barn and Dillon and I was so excited! I told Dillon on the way up that I wanted to get a black stallion ( little did I know that my mom had already picked out my horse and sure enough it was a black stallion named Ace). Dillon and I started the ride and we were the last two of the group.

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We had an amazing trail guide named Luke. He was so personable and really made the ride so fun! He took us through fields of flowers and was sure to get every picture we asked for! As we went through the trees being at the back of the herd, a lot of dust got kicked up. Luke told Dillon and me to hold back so we weren’t swallowing so much dust and that we’d go off on our own ride.

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It all made sense to me at the time. I just thought we got super lucky with the best guide. At the end of our ride, our guide said, “You know we have enough time if you guys aren’t in a hurry? There’s an amazing raspberry field up here if you want to see it?” I was all for it so we started heading back up the mountain. I couldn’t wait, so I kept looking for this raspberry field. We ended up going through some aspen trees and Luke our guide pulled aside.

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I heard my favorite song ‘Speechless’ by Dan + Shay playing, then I saw Marcus standing there at the top of the mountain overlooking all of Vail with a candlelit rose petal filled runway leading to him and a sign saying “marry me?”! It was the most magical day of my life. After he proposed I turned around to see my mom, best friend Marina, Luke (Marina’s boyfriend), and Molly our photographer! My mom brought me a couple of outfit changes for a fun photoshoot to capture the moment!

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We hiked back down the mountain and to my surprise I was shocked again once I got home! Marcus and my best friend Kyler threw me a surprise engagement party with all of my closest friends, family, and neighbors! I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day. He made me feel so special. I can’t wait to marry my high school sweetheart!

Special Thanks

Molly Stevens
 | Photographer