Brooke and Luke

How We Met: Luke and I met when we were 13 on a mission trip. We were on two different teams but met at the training camp. We were infatuated with each other for those 5 days and knew at the end of the summer we could see each other for a few days before we went home. At the end of the trip we had a “free day” and a lot of us went to a water park. Luke and I walked around together (with a few other friends) all day and ended up in a tube for a waterslide together…. and got in trouble for being together and they separated us.

how they asked: A lot of things in life tried to separate us after that… his family being in the army and moving around…. and eventually him going to Iraq. Finally for for the past two years we’ve been able to be together and he knew the best way to propose was to recreate our waterslide moment on the day we first held hands. So he took us to a waterpark/theme park in Kansas City when we were visiting his family.

We rode the rides and eventually made our way to the waterpark. He was very curious as to whether or not they had a slide with double tubes and I unknowingly said “awe we can go down a slide again together” and as we rode down the slide he told me nothing and no one would ever separate us again because he wanted to be with me forever. As we hit the water he asked me to marry him. As I came up from flipping over he had the ring and was on his knee in the water.

Image 1 of Brooke and Luke

I said yes and later that night we took our Instagram sparkler picture to tell the world :)

Image 2 of Brooke and Luke