Brooke and Kyle

How We Met

Kyle and I met through mutual friends and were acquaintances for about a year before there was any interest. We had a friend constantly third wheel for about 6 months (bless him) and then the third wheel finally fell off… Sparks flew as we took mini trips to LA, long day dates, and weekend adventures to see new places.

The sweetest memories we have in our early dating life were our dates in Malibu. With the balance of our grounded friendship and the newly developed sparks, there was no denying that there was mutual affection. We officially kicked things off as boyfriend/girlfriend in May of 2016.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sherman Gardens, Corona Del Mar, CA

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sherman Gardens, Corona Del Mar, CA

how they asked

It all started out at breakfast spot that didn’t hold significance so, I didn’t think anything of it, after we finished, he asked me if I wanted to go to Sherman Gardens which I knew was where his parents got married and he lured me into going by saying we could get mimosas at their cafe (there was no mimosas or even a cafe there).

His plan, I later found out, was just to get me to the exact spot where his parents were married.

We walked around all the gardens, smelled some roses, looked at some succulents, and finally we got to the spot. He stopped me and told me he had written me a letter. It wasn’t super out of his character, so I still didn’t think anything was going on. I sat and started reading, and it wasn’t until half way though that I thought to myself “Oh my word, he’s proposing to me, this is it, this is happening!”

By then I look up and see David taking photos. It was then when I fully started to take in that this was the moment I’ve been waiting for my whole life. After I finished the letter Kyle was on one knee and asked me to marry him! I said YES! and then over and over I said “is this real life?”

Following that, Kyle told me we were meeting his parents for breakfast, which then to my surprise wasn’t just his parents. It was all his family and our friends!!! I’m the luckiest!! He also told me that he booked flights and we were flying to be with all my family and friends up north for the evening!! In the matter of one day I was going to be able to celebrate with all my people!! (sorry, so many exclamations).

Anyways, we landed and went straight to a restaurant where there were all my family, and family friends and it was just out of the most perfect dream. We cheers-ed, hugged, and drank the night away!

None of this felt real, and nothing can really prepare you for a moment like that. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have such a special day planned for me, but that goes without saying I have the most special man that I get to spend forever with. He knows me well!

Special Thanks

David Elm