Brooke and Kevin

How We Met

Kevin and I met almost 5 years ago, when I was working at the local hardware store before I moved to Australia for 6 months. He’s a framer/carpenter, and works for a contractor that deals with the hardware store, so we had a few chat sessions while I rang him (and his brother-in-law/coworker) through. Then I moved away for 6 months, but returned to the store when I moved back home.

Kevin, his brother in law, Josh, and I continued to talk for another 6 months, while Kevin got up the courage to ask me out. He is not a morning person, and always was in right at 7am when we opened, so it was a struggle to him to be awake and friendly! My coworkers (which included my sister) always tried to convince me to go out with him. It became the work joke, and they called him my “boyfriend” before I even knew that he liked me! Finally, one Saturday when I was working, Kevin came by the store on his motorcycle. He came in, said hi, and I asked “since when are you here on a Saturday?!” We chatted a little bit in between customers, and when I had told him I had never been on a motorcycle, he took that as a chance to ask me out. We had made plans to hang out, but I got called into my other job (at a restaurant), so I had to reschedule. He claims I cancelled on his twice, but I didn’t! I ended up asking him to hang out, and we spent the evening having so much fun! Three dates later, he officially asked me to be his girlfriend (so sweet!), and have been together ever since!

how they asked

I had spent the entire beginning of 2016 wondering when he was proposing – we had been together for 2.5 years at this point, so I had wondered if it was coming soon. We had been planning a trip through the Canadian Rockies for August 2016, and I was eagerly anticipating the trip, hoping for a proposal! In May 2016, my beloved grandmother fell terminally ill with an aggressive form of cancer that spread through her entire body, and I spent the following 2 months engrossed in the care of my grandmother, and spending every moment I could with her. Kevin and the proposal kind of took a back seat. Little did I know, he had been ring shopping, hoping to propose this summer – but put everything on hold, as he did not want to take away from the importance of the situation and my grandmother.

My grandmother passed just before we were set to take off to the Rockies, so Kevin decided not to propose there, as he wanted me to be able to process the emotions before adding in a proposal. Twice this year, I had thought he was going to propose, and it didn’t happen, so I was completely thrown off.

Our three year anniversary was in October, so we decided to head for a weekend away in Whistler. We drove up on the Saturday, and stopped at a few points of interest along the way. Little did I know, that Kevin had the ring, and an original plan to propose at the base of Brandy Wine Falls (one of the spots we stopped at). He had forgotten that you couldn’t get down to the base, and it was full of people! So we continued on our way, and went for a walk around a lake – all the while, Kevin was looking for the perfect spot to propose.

We ended up going for a walk around Lost Lake, which didn’t have a lot of people around. We found a dock at one end of the lake, and we decided to go down and take a look at the view. It looked back on Whistler – Blackcomb, and it was the perfect fall day, with the gorgeous colours in all of the trees. Kevin was taking a few photos on the dock, and I was at the very end looking out. He snapped this photo – my final moment as his girlfriend.

Image 1 of Brooke and Kevin

After he snapped this, he came up, put his arm around me and asked “So, Brooke, what are your plans for the rest of your life?” I didn’t even clue right in, and just said “I don’t know! Hopefully something with you! Your plans?” At this time I thought, well, that’s a weird question… He grabbed my hand, fish out a box, and dropped to one knee. I instantly started tearing up, and couldn’t believe this was happening. He opened the ring box, and asked me the words I’ve been dying to hear! “Will you marry me?” I said yes, and we enjoyed a few moment of shock, before we [carefully] put the ring on my finger (we were standing over a dock, and both of us were shaking like crazy!).

Image 2 of Brooke and Kevin

We were completely alone on the dock, enjoyed every moment we could in those first moments as an engaged couple. Kevin had not told a soul he was proposing, but had asked my dad’s blessing the week prior. He gave no person, not even his parents, the heads up it was happening, as he wanted to truly surprise me. We had never been ring shopping together, so this had come as a total surprise (the times I had thought it was happening and it didn’t completely threw me off!).

The one thing I had kind of wanted was a photo of our moment, but it wasn’t a huge deal. All of a sudden a young woman came down, congratulating us, and told us she had snapped a few photos from afar, without us knowing!

Image 3 of Brooke and Kevin

Image 4 of Brooke and Kevin

We spent the rest of the evening, not telling a soul about our engagement. Instead, we finished our walk where Kevin told me all the little details about finding the ring, asking my dad, etc. Then we got ready, and went out for dinner to celebrate – with just the two of us knowing about the engagement! It was incredibly special, and we were able to focus all our attention on one another, without the distractions of phone calls or text messages.

The proposal was perfect – no theatrics, no audience, no distractions. It was pure, with authentic reactions, and emotions.