Brooke and Kevin

Proposal Ideas South Mountain, Arizona

How We Met

Kevin and I met working at General Motors. It was my first day as an intern for the new Information Technology innovation center in Chandler, Arizona. Whenever new employees start they send out an e-mail welcoming you by placing your picture and what college you graduated from. Kevin had just graduated from Brigham Young University and accepted a position as a full time hire. Within a few minutes of getting my computer set up, I received my first e-mail. It was from Kevin. It read, “Hi I recently graduated from BYU, and saw that you graduated from BYU too. Would you like a tour of the building?” I decided to e-mail back and said I would come find his desk and he could take me on the tour. That first summer we did a handful of things as a group, which helped us get to know each other. At the end of the summer my internship ended and we parted ways as friends. I had one semester left to finish my degree and I wasn’t sure where I would end up working. We had intermittent conversations throughout my last semester, but everything really started the week before graduation. Kevin sent me a text asking what my plans were post-graduation. He knew I had offers for jobs and was curious where I had accepted. I told him that I accepted the position with General Motors and I would be moving back to Arizona a few months later. From that day forward, we texted all the time. We sent each other memes and puppy videos constantly. Finally, a month before I was set to move he officially asked if I would go on a date with him when I got to town. I happily obliged. When I was moving in Kevin came to drop off his drill. I was worried that after not seeing him for almost a year, and having only written communication that the spark wouldn’t be there. The first few minutes of our conversation were a little awkward, but after that it was like we were forever friends. The next day Kevin was taking me on our first real date. We were both so excited that we didn’t want to wait until 4 like we planned. He ended up coming over early to pick me up. We planned to make Nutella “shots” and watch a movie. When we bought the ingredients we accidentally bought real sugar instead of powdered sugar. The recipe didn’t specify which kind. We could only finish the first couple of bites because it was way too sweet. After that we spent every day together, and the rest is history.

how they asked

We had a day off from work, and Kevin wanted to go on a hike. The day slipped away from us and he still wanted to go on a hike. Hiking is our thing. It has been one of our favorite activities to do together since we started dating. He wanted to go when the sun was setting. When we reached the top of the hike, I could tell he didn’t just want a hike. He had a plan. The plan was to propose and ask me to marry him. While I was looking at the sunset, taking pictures, he was behind me on one knee. When I turned around he said, “Brooke, will you marry me?” I laughed and said, “Yes”. I really wasn’t expecting the proposal, and it totally caught me off guard but I was so ready to say yes!

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