Brooke and Kevin

Proposal Ideas Paris France

How They Asked

It all started on Valentine’s Day when my boyfriend gave me a card with a cute poem stating that we were visiting Paris sometime this year and it will be a surprise as too when we left, with excitement and joy I waited and waited until one week prior to leaving he stated that we were leaving the upcoming weekend. When we landed (which was at about 4 in the evening over in Paris) he told me we had a nice formal dinner planned and to get nice and dolled up. As our cab came we were off to someplace fancy but not over the top…. well that’s what I thought…when I asked where we were off too, he replied with we’re actually having dinner tonight inside the Eiffel Tower.

With shock in my face, I asked if he was serious; he replied yes but we’re making a quick detour on the way. As we passed the Eiffel Tower we reached a bridge where a man was standing with a camera. I had no clue what was going on.. he told me that since I have always wanted to go to Paris and I have always loved the sight of the Eiffel Tower that “we are gonna have a little photo shoot before dinner just because I know you wanted to get some nice shots of us while we were here.” I was so overjoyed I couldn’t even believe it!!

About midway through the photoshoot the man replied with “are you ready for the one in a million shot?” And as I turned I saw him on one knee.. he looked at me and said: “Brooke you know how much I love you and I can’t picture myself without anyone but you, will you marry me?”

Brooke's Proposal in Paris France

The flood of emotions poured out, with Vio (our photographer) capturing every amazing second. I can’t even picture a more perfect way to start my trip off. This was above an beyond anything that anyone has ever done for me. AND now I’m future Mrs. Gordon and couldn’t be more thrilled!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris France

Special Thanks

Vio Munteanu
 | Photographer