Brooke and Justin

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In the living room of our house.

How We Met

I was in 10th grade and had just gotten over the boy phase. I was fine without a boyfriend and definitely wasn’t looking, until I met him. 8 years ago when I walked into my father’s storage shop I had no idea I’d be looking at the man I’d marry. He worked with my uncle as a mechanic and started hunting with my father and uncles so he had stopped at our shop after a hunting trip. Me beings a daddy’s girl, I wanted to “hang with the guys” like I regularly did when they stopped over after hunting. I walked in and saw him. At first I thought he was about 12 with his baby face and shaggy hair. I later found out he was 20, I was 16 at the time. He started coming around more often and I started “secretly” crushing on him for about 2 years until he asked me to be his girlfriend. I say “secretly” because my family said it was obvious that I had a crush on him and I later found out my grandmother had accidentally told him that I liked him one time when I wasn’t around. Now we’ve been dating for 6 years.

Where to Propose in In the living room of our house.

how they asked

The summer of 2017 was the start of our 2nd year in our new home together. We had been dating for 6 years now and I knew we’d get married eventually, but I still had a semester of college left and we had always said once I graduated we’d figure it out. At the end of July on my birthday, I woke up from a night of drinks with friends to celebrate my birthday around 9 am, only to find his dog had puked on the floor in our porch. After hearing me complaining to myself about having to clean this up on my birthday Justin then came into the porch. There I was in my pajamas, bad breath, and nerdy glasses that I only wear right when I wake up and before bed when I’m not wearing my contacts, cleaning up dog puke while he laughed. I finished cleaning up the dog puke and then was going to shower so I could get ready for my birthday lunch with family, but Justin stopped me and said I really needed to open my birthday gift. Not knowing he had gotten me a birthday gift and thinking that at best it’d be the blender I had originally asked for, I said I’d rather shower first, but he insisted, so I gave in. Having asked for a blender, the small box he handed me was surprising. I really had no idea what he had done because usually I help him pick out my gifts for all holidays, and the blender I had picked out definitely didn’t fit in that tiny box.I then opened it to find a diamond in a round container. At first I wasn’t sure what was going on because we had always said we’d wait until after I graduate and it was only the diamond, no actual ring. When he noticed my slow reaction, he said “It’s a diamond that you can put in to any ring you want, as long as you wear it forever.” I then understood this was his way of proposing and started to cry saying “you better not be joking with me!”. I later asked him why he proposed the way he did and he said he wanted me to choose the ring setting, but he really wanted the proposal to be a surprise, and it sure was! I also asked him why he insisted on doing it right away in the morning when I was not dressed for the day and gross from cleaning up dog puke. He laughed and said it was just the perfect moment because it was real life, and sometimes life is gross and messy, but he knew in that moment he wanted to spend all of the gross, messy, and every other parts of life with me forever.