Brooke and Joshua

How we met: We met in Elementary school. We rode the same bus and he always asked me to be his girlfriend. I wasn’t interested. We knew each other all through high school and after graduation, but we were never exactly the best of friends. Then we started going to the same church and we started to talk more and more. We became really good friends, and eventually, as it often does, friendship turned into love.

how they asked: We had been talking so much about getting engaged that he knew it would be tough to surprise me…so he got my friends involved! They planned for us to have a girls night –dinner, drinks and ice skating and him to come surprise me while we were skating. When the girls asked if I wanted to go out, I said I was in for dinner and drinks, but I would pass on the skating. I haven’t skated since I was little and I was afraid I would fall flat on my face. When we got there, they insisted I skate. They even had someone who worked there come say she would give me a lesson. I reluctantly agreed, but only if a friend would come on my “lesson” with me. We skated out, and as we rounded the bend, I saw Josh standing on the ice waiting for me. I knew immediately why he was there. I skated up to him and he told me that making the decision to be ask me to be his girlfriend was the best thing he ever did…so now he wanted to ask me to be his wife. Girls night turned into the best night of my life!