Brooke and Joshua

Brooke's Proposal in The Zoo Knoxville

How We Met

Joshua and I met at a home show we were both working. It was one of those situations where you see him and he sees you, but you think to yourself that nothing is going to happen with it. I was wrong.

I saw Joshua at his booth behind mine and I smiled at him. Every time we caught glances he would smile or wink at me. I wanted to talk to him, but I didn’t know what to say. So, instead, I just found any excuse to walk past his booth (lame, I know). But, Joshua would never talk.

On the second day of the home show, the coffee guy, who’s booth was close to mine, told me to tell people he would be right back as he ran to get supplies. Josh just happened to want coffee then. I thought “this is the perfect time to talk to him”, and told him the coffee guy would be back shortly. I thought Josh would take this advantage and start a conversation. Again, I was wrong! He just told me ‘thank you’ and promptly returned to his booth.

At this point I thought he had no interest, but he continued to smile at me, which I liked.

Finally, on the last day of the show, we were all shutting our booths down. I told myself I would walk by his booth one last time to see if he would say something to me. I then heard “MasterDry girl”. It wasn’t Josh, though- it was his boss. We spoke for a few moments and then Josh walked me back to my booth where he handed me his business card.

The rest is history.

It was love at first sight.

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Where to Propose in The Zoo Knoxville

how they asked

When Josh and I first met, I told him how I wanted to be proposed to over text: by a penguin with a red string around it’s neck with a sign asking me to marry him. Little did I know, Josh saved that text, which is how he got every detail perfect. Here’s the story…

Blair has an annual pass at the zoo which gets her in to extra events every few months. So, when my phone rang and Mom and Blair asked me to go to the zoo for a “backstage experience”, I thought nothing of it. There was so much detail- “we can’t go to the bear exhibit because it’s booked”, “we can only go to the penguins at 1:30 because the others are booked”, “Dad won’t be home from Florida until late Sunday”,etc. We planned a girl’s day that day to have brunch and tour the zoo. The boys were ‘supposed’ to have a guy’s day as well.

When we arrived at the penguin exhibit, we were the only one’s there, but the keeper told us to come on back anyway.

Inside the penguin exhibit, the keeper told us to stand next to the wall and she would grab the penguin. When she came back holding the penguin, I was so enamored, I was oblivious to everything around me- even the flash of the camera, my whole family standing near me, and my now-fiance on his knee for 5 minutes!

It took me nearly 3 minutes of petting the penguin to realize that there was something around her neck. When I finally turned it around, I saw a sign that read “Will you be my penguin?”. I was still so confused, that is, until Joshua tapped me on the back.

I turned around to see the man of my dreams on his knee asking me to marry him. Then I saw my whole family- Dad, who was supposed to be in Florida; Austin, who was supposed to be at guy’s day; and Bonnie (Josh’s mom), who was supposed to be at work.

But, it wasn’t finished yet…

That night I had a soccer game. He was very anxious the entire game and kept trying to get me to leave! The plan was to go to my parent’s house to ‘celebrate with Nana and Granddad”, so I had to go home, shower and change. The whole ride home, Josh kept asking me what I was going to wear. A little suspicious, I asked him what I was walking in to at the house. He claimed nothing.

Nonetheless, I walked in to my parent’s home to find more than 50 people waiting for us! They put together a huge engagement party, penguin themed of course, to celebrate.

Everything was perfect and I said yes to an amazing man!

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