Brooke and Josh

How We Met

Josh and I met in July of 2013 in Myrtle Beach, SC. My friends from Charleston, SC were visiting for the weekend, and we were ready to hit the town for a fun Saturday night. However, we had a difference of opinions when it came to where to go for the evening. My girlfriends wanted to go dancing at a local nightclub but I wanted to check out a band and listen to some live music. So, after driving by the club and seeing that the parking lot looked more like a ghost town, live music won. We entered Bourbon Street Bar & Grill and were searching for a table. Two guys kindly offered their table to us since they were getting ready to leave (little did I know that my future husband, Josh, was one of them). Just when the guys were leaving, my friend decided to challenge my fiance’s friends to a game of ping pong. Luckily, the guys stuck around for a while longer, and Josh and I were able to chat and get to know each other. We laughed, we danced, and we had a great connection right off the bat. We even had the oh-so-important sports conversation. “Josh, are you a Dallas Cowboys fan?” Thankfully, he replied, “No.” As a Northern Virginia native and Washington Redskins fan her entire life, a girl had to know these things.

Image 1 of Brooke and Josh

After our initial meeting, Josh and I had our first date at Miyabi’s, a Japanese Steakhouse, in Murrells Inlet that week. After continuing to get to know one another, it wasn’t long before we knew that we had something special and that our relationship was one that we didn’t want to let go. We dated for nearly 10 months and relocated to the Charleston area together. We have lived in Mount Pleasant together for nearly 1 1/2 years, and just this month, we purchased our first home together in Goose Creek, SC. We cannot wait to move into our first home together next month! We are very excited about the next chapters to come in our exciting journey together!

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how they asked

It seemed like another normal Friday afternoon but that’s exactly what Josh wanted. We both had gotten off work early that afternoon and I was exhausted. It had been an extremely busy week at work for me, and I wanted nothing more than to relax, get comfy, and pour myself a nice glass of red wine. Josh, however, had other plans. Josh insisted that we get out, get some fresh air, grab a bite to eat and drink at a favorite spot of ours nearby called Shem Creek. Shem Creek flows through the heart of Mount Pleasant and is home to an array of bars and restaurants, all within viewpoint of Charleston’s iconic Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge.

We grab a bite to eat and have a drink at one of favorite spots, Shelter. We are sitting outside on the back patio eating when Josh asks with a concerned sound in his voice, “Can you see my car?” “We’re not in a tow zone, right?” I immediately have a puzzled look on my face, unsure as to why he is, today of all days, so overly concerned about the status of his vehicle. I assure him that his car will be fine. As we are getting ready to pay the bill and leave, Josh casually mentions that a couple friend of ours is across the street, at another restaurant in Shem Creek, and would like to meet us for a drink. I agree that we should go meet them but Josh interjects that he has to first stop at his car on the way over to “grab a piece of gum.” Now, maybe if I wasn’t so tired that day I may have picked up on the fact that his request was indeed odd. However, I honestly didn’t think much of it at the time. So, as Josh is frantically searching the car for a piece of gum AKA grabbing the ring and placing it in his pocket of his shorts, I stand to the side totally oblivious to what was happening. We then head to meet our friends which, unbeknownst to me, were never at Shem Creek that evening.

On the way, Josh mentions that our friends hadn’t quite wrapped up their dinner yet and that we should check out the boardwalk behind the restaurants overlooking beautiful Shem Creek. As we are walking the boardwalk, the sun is beginning to set in the background and Josh is talking about varying topics – all things we have discussed before, so I am still at this point not suspecting anything unusual. We talk about our next chapters in life. Our future and how we are so excited to begin our house hunting process and purchase our first home together. We talk about the beauty of Charleston and how both believe that Charleston became our home for a reason. Then, out of nowhere, he pulls out the box with the ring inside out of his pocket and says, “What do you think about THIS chapter?” He gets on one knee and asks the question every girl has envisioned since she was a little girl. “Brooke, will you marry me!?” I think I answered him before he even finished asking me the question. I was SHOCKED. He got me good and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

I still look down on my finger sometimes and cannot believe this amazing ring is on my finger from my amazing future husband.

Image 3 of Brooke and Josh