Brooke and Jordan

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Banff Lake Louise

How We Met

We met in Cabo senior year of college on spring break through one of my best friends. She is from Minnesota and while we were in Cabo she said let’s meet up with some of my high school friends and pregame. Jordan happened to be one of them and we truly did find love in a hopeless place, as Rhianna would say. After months of long-distance, I decided to uproot and move from my hometown Las Vegas, Nevada to the frozen tundra of Minnesota. The rest is history!

How They Asked

Jordan and I went up to Banff over LDW for our 4 Year Anniversary. We spent the weekend hiking and exploring the gorgeous national park. On the last day of our trip, we had dinner plans to have dinner at the Fairmont Hotel in Lake Louise. Jordan hired a photographer to grab pictures of us after dinner for the proposal (I had no clue). But since it was sprinkling rain I had mentioned to take cute pictures prior to dinner before it stormed. He said, “Of course”. He then immediately texted with the photographer and moved up our photo session 3 hours in 5 minutes. I said, “Who are you texting so intensely?”. He said, “I am making a fantasy draft trade real quick.” I, of course, believed that. We parked at the hotel and he got out of the car with it still on and then left his jacket in the car and ran back to get it (the ring was in the jacket pocket). He was kind of nervous :)

Brooke and Jordan's Engagement in Banff Lake Louise

We proceeded towards the lake to take a picture. Jordan was pulling me quickly saying we have to take a picture to beat the rain. I had never seen him so excited to take a picture before. He approached a woman to grab a photo of us, she took it on his phone and then handed it back. I turn to my right and all of a sudden Jordan was on one knee asking me to spend forever with him. I could hear the same woman snapping photos on her camera in the background and the light mist of rain on the lake in the background. After I said the easiest “YES!” the crowd around the lake cheered. We proceeded to have the loveliest meal at the Fairmont with endless champagne to round out a perfect day!

Special Thanks

Sophie Smith
 | Photographer