Brooke and Jesse

How We Met

I met Jesse when I was ten years old (he was sixteen) and only dreamed of marrying him. When I was nineteen, we met again and fell in love! Everything just kept falling into place and I knew, someday, he would ask me to marry him.

how they asked

For our two year anniversary, Jesse took me to Fort Lauderdale because it was somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. We had the most amazing day together and I had never felt so in love! He took me to the aquarium and surprised me by letting me swim with the dolphins! Before heading back to our hotel that evening, he suggested that we take a walk on the beach. He distracted me and when I turned around there was a message in a bottle lying near the tide. I picked it up and read the letter describing his extraordinary love for me. Suddenly, he got down on one knee and asked the question I had been waiting so very long to hear.

“Finding a bottle washed up on a beach somewhere is a once in a lifetime opportunity. There are thousands of people that have walked the same beach every day and night, but all of a sudden it appears, washing in on a wave like it was meant for you to find.”img_0344