Brooke and JB


Well Well Welll!!! Strap in for this story because it’s a good one.  When Brooke says we got to the beach at 4am she is not kidding….3 red bulls and a 3 1/2 hour drive later we finally made it. I was nervous the entire time because I wanted everything to be perfect and as special as possible for her.  I could not sleep the entire night (the red bulls probably didn’t help) so there I was.. up at around 6:23am walking to the beach.

I knew I had to time the walk to the pier because I had an airplane flying over the Atlantic Ocean around 2:00pm that Friday. The walk took about 20 minutes to get there. Mental notes I knew I had to start “trying” to get Brooke to go on a walk around 1:33pm. On that walk I remember calling my mom because I was so excited/nervous for the day. I went back to the beach house, knowing I wanted Brooke to sleep in that day so she would be in a good mood, I did not disturb her. About 9:00am Eli (her brother) and I road to Shallotte to get the flowers that I had ready for the proposal.

We get back and I have to find a hiding spot for the flowers so she will not know anything is going on.  I did take her breakfast in bed to start her day of good..she loves her sleep.  Throughout the day leading up to the proposal I did not have much to say to Brooke, I did not want her to catch on to any my nerves, I wanted her to be completely surprised.  Everyone is on the beach and I could not sit still, so I decided to throw the football with Eli and Edison (her cousin).  Time goes by and here comes 1:00pm.  Lisa and Steven Grubb (family friends) are just arriving to the beach, Brooke and Tammy (Brookes mom) go back to the house to greet them.  This is when I begin to panic… I mean I had a plane on the way in less than an hour and Brooke was not even on the beach.  Finally, about 1:18pm they get back to the beach. shew…

From here on I knew it was either game on or game off.  Everyone but me and Eli are sitting in a circle on the beach just talking and having a good time.  Meanwhile everyone in that circle knew what was going on but Brooke.  Finally about 1:31pm I go and ask Brooke to go on a walk with me to the beach.  She looked at me and said NOO we have 10 days to go walk on the beach lets wait we have all week!!! I tried to beg her and she kept saying NOO!!!

From here I start sweating and my feelings were hurt.  I sort of walked off after that thinking to myself what now?  What do I do now? I’m freaking out!  My plan B was to ask her right there as the plane was coming by.  Finally, Tammy gave Brooke the look and said “Brooke, goo walk with him”.  So, finally Brookes gives in but she is not happy.  It is now about 1:38pm when we get to walking.  In my mind I had it planned to have a nice walk and tell her Brooke what she means to me in my life and how much I loved her.

Needless to say I never got that chance.  She was complaining and bickering the whole time not wanting to walk right now.  At one point I sort of turned around to see if I could see the plane.  I thought I seen the plane so I asked Brooke if she wanted to start running, I got a quick NO! The reason I wanted to get to the pier on time was because I had my cousin Kevin recording the proposal from the pier, and her family was going to be there too.  Here I go to sweating my nerves again because I thought the plane was coming.

Come to find out the plane was not coming.  Finally, we got to the pier and Brooke was for sure ready to turn around and go back because she did not want to be on this walk anyways.  I look back and its 1:55pm and I see no plane in the sky.  I faked a leg injury and sat in the sand for about 5 minutes.  The whole time Brooke was not happy and wanted me to get up to go back.  She still has no clue what’s going on.  I said “I can’t, my leg hurts”.  Finally, I got tired of hearing her complain so I get up to start walking and I see the plane. FINALLY. From there I started shaking a little more.

The plane arrives and I tell Brooke to “look up” Brooke says “What” & looks at my hat, then I said “No Brooke, Look up in the sky”.  She finally looks up and when she looks back down I was on one knee asking her to spend the rest of her life with me.  That is a day I will never forget and is the greatest day of my life until September 19, 2015!!!!

Needless to say she was surprised, and her family all comes down from the pier and gives her the flowers I had for her.