Brooke and Geron

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Paris, Texas

How We Met

Geron and I met when I was a junior in high school and he was attending a junior college in our hometown of Paris, Texas. I had always thought he was a super hottie and finally worked up the nerve to message him on Twitter. He had retweeted something along the lines of “I like it when a girl takes initiative,” so I took a shot and messaged him, “Hey, so I heard you like it when girls message you first?” SO CHEESY. I honestly can’t believe I did that, but I am so glad I did!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Paris, Texas

Our first year together was a little rocky because I was young & unsure of myself, but Geron was ALL IN from day one. He was a “when you know, you know” type guy. I was a “when you grow, you know” type girl. I took some time to myself for a few months to find out who I was. Luckily, I soon realized he was everything I needed. In 2016, we moved to Denton, Texas! We began college at the University of North Texas and shortly started living together. We even got a dog together (aka our furbaby, Nash)! Geron has shown me every single day how to be kind, generous, and just an awesome human being. I am so grateful that he chose me.

Brooke's Proposal in Paris, Texas

How They Asked

WOW. This day was a whirlwind. Geron and I have been talking about getting married for a while now. I have told him about my dreams of having a Thanksgiving-weekend wedding because I love how grateful everyone is this time of year. I have always thought that it would be such a magical time to celebrate our love together. Earlier this year, we discovered that my great-grandparents were married on Thanksgiving, and there’s even a note from my great grandpa that reads: “I want to marry her on Thanksgiving because we are thankful for one another.” Ever since then, I have known I wanted us to get married Thanksgiving 2019.

Proposal Ideas Paris, Texas

Brooke and Geron's Engagement in Paris, Texas

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris, Texas

I told Geron I would like about a year for us to plan a wedding, but never had imagined he would propose almost EXACTLY a year out! On December 2nd, 2018, we headed back to our hometown of Paris, Texas to see our family. I felt a little suspicious when he asked me to pack more than leggings and a t-shirt. He said, “What if we go to church? Won’t you need something nice to wear?” “Yeah, you’re right,” I said. It felt odd that he was reminding me what to pack, but I didn’t want to read into it too much and ruin any surprises. The next day, my best friend texted me asking if we could go get a pedicure. I agreed, but still suspicious! When I let my mom know our plans, she asked if she could come with us.

Where to Propose in Paris, Texas

This really threw me in for a loop. I thought to myself, “I’m surprised my mom didn’t know we were going to the nail salon. Maybe I’m just over-thinking everything. Nothing is happening. We aren’t getting engaged!” So, the whole afternoon I hung out with my mom and my bestie. We went out to eat, got our nails done, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. But when we pulled up to my parent’s house, I got out of the car and my mom said, “Brooke, come here. I have something to show you.” Right then, I KNEW something was happening but had no idea what to expect. I turned the corner and saw Geron, standing deep in the woods behind my parents’ house.

Vance Joy started playing in the background. I said “omg STOPPPPP” (in a good way) and my mom (crying) goes, “GO GET YOUR MAN!” I bawled my eyes out walking towards him. It was a feeling I had never felt before. When I make it to him, there was vintage rugs, string lights, and florals at the end of the aisle. I see Geron, crying, and jumping up and down saying “Come here, hurry!” I was so excited. I cried, he cried, even our Photographer, Valerie, was crying and taking pictures.

He said to me “I don’t know where our life will take us- but I know I want to spend it with you.” Then, he got on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I don’t know if I actually said yes, or just nodded my head while hysterically crying. It was the most beautiful moment in my whole life. My two best friends and our family greeted us in the woods afterward and we celebrated. It was so special. He thought so much about this proposal and wanted it to portray our style and our life together. It was better than anything I had ever imagined!!

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