Brooke and Forrest

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How We Met

Forrest and I met in elementary school. He was my best friend’s older (and super cool) brother who was always looking out for me! 10 years later, I told him Merry Christmas and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

Forrest is a pilot and was spending the summer in Alaska for work. I had to stay in Colorado for my job so we were making it work long distance for the summer. Since I had never been to Alaska I made an Alaska bucket list for us to do when I came to visit through out the summer. One thing on my list was to see a glacier. During my first trip visiting, Forrest suggested we fly in to a glacier and suggested his dad fly in seperately to take cool Christmas card pictures. Yeah nice we landed and got out on the float of the plane to enjoy the view Forrest was down on one knee asking me to adventure with him forever.
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