Brooke and Erik

How We Met

Erik and I met in elementary school. We became best friends in 7th grade. We continued into the same high school, where even with different groups of friends we still spent every day texting and chatting about our days. By 11th grade Erik came around more and more, as he says “I Dug myself a hole so deep in the friend zone, I needed a flashlight to come out”. Well, he dug his way out and asked me to be his girlfriend after my 16th birthday – as my parents had a strict “ 16 to date” rule. Fast forward to prom, we’re voted most likely to be the high school sweethearts who stay together. Well, we lived up to that vote!

How They Asked

We took a trip down to Montreal for the long weekend. It was our first night and we were walking down by the old port. He kept wandering the same places over and over which I thought was strange, but he told me he was just checking the city out. Near the old clock tower, he started wandering away from the main walkway onto the grass by the waterfront. Strangely enough – all the street lights turned off and everything went dark.

He decided them to pull me aside, thank me for the last 7 years together and asked me for another 70 before getting down on his knee. At this time he pulled out the ring box which opened with a light. All I can see is the ring as it is pitch dark outside. After he gave me the ring the street lights came back on. I say someone out there playing with the lights to give him the motivation he needed that day. I’ll never forget it.

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