Brooke and Dom

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How We Met

Dom and I met back in 2012 while both attending Vincennes University, a small junior college in Vincennes, Indiana. We were both in organizations on campus that were like a close-knit family with one another so this is how we got to know one another. Dom and I got very close, very quickly and started to hang out almost every weekend. One night while at a small party in Dom’s dorm room Dom and I were talking and he told me “You know my mom thinks you’re my girlfriend”. (We had taken a picture together a couples days before and he posted it to Facebook). So I replied “well what are you waiting on to ask me out anyway?! Dom then laughed and said “Brooke, will you be my girlfriend?” I said yes of course and here we are 6 years later newly engaged and still just as happy and in love.

how they asked

Dom proposed on April 14th, but earlier that week he told me we were going to a fancy dinner with his family to commemorate his little cousin getting accepted into college. He kept insisting that I go to the mall to purchase a new outfit and to make sure my nails and hair was done for that day. I honestly didn’t think twice about it because after all it was a pretty big occasion. The funny thing is, I struggled that entire week trying to find the perfect outfit that wasn’t “over the top” but still perfect for the type of setting we would be in. I even purchased an outfit and called my friend to get her opinion on it and she told me that was NOT the one! (Little did I know she was in on the whole thing as well!) So back to the drawing board, I went to find an outfit. FINALLY that Friday I was able to find the perfect cute, spring/summer dress to wear. I also went to get my hair and nails done that day, but of course, the nail salon was PACKED so I decided to wait until Saturday morning. Dom had informed me earlier in the week as well that the “dinner” had been changed to a lunch that was to take place at 1 pm. Needless to say, I was rushing that morning to get my mani and pedi before the lunch was to happen. When we arrived we first made a stop at the Ferris Wheel that is located in downtown Atlanta near Centennial Park. Dom informed me that we were in fact early and that we should wait for his family here. He then got a phone call about 10 minutes later that we should walk through the park to get to the restaurant because it was quicker than driving. Now at this point, I can admit I was a little frustrated and confused because I had heels on! But I went along with the request anyway and we proceeded to walk toward the park. Along the walk toward the park, Dom kept trying to get me to look the other direction and site see if you will. He then grabbed my hand and said “babe look” as he pointed toward the park. As I looked down toward the park as we turned the corner to walk down the stairs I saw all of my family and his family standing there cheering and smiling from ear to ear. I then noticed his cousins had a sign up that read “Will you Marry Me?” Tears instantly started rolling down my face! I was so overwhelmed with joy and happiness and still honestly in shock that he was able to pull all of this off without me noticing or having a clue!

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