Brooke and Davy

How We Met: The first time we met was at Image 1 of Brooke and Davychurch camp. The year we met, we didn’t really talk. Then we saw each other again the next summer at camp. We hung out a lot at camp but nothing really came of it.

We would always see each other at all of our church’s student events and would talk a little bit. That is when I started crushing on Davy. I thought he was so cute and he loved the Lord, what could be better?! Then one day, my friend Ally told me to get on Skype because she was skyping some people from church.

When I got on, Davy was one of the people. I started to get to know Davy better and by the end of the week, it was just Davy and I Skyping. I wasn’t really sure if Davy liked me then but when he invited me to go to the mountains with him and his family, I had an inkling that he did.

When we got back, I asked him if he wanted to go on a double date with my friend Ally and a guy she was dating at that time.

He said yes! We went bowling, our friend Dillon texted Ally and asked if we were official. Of course, Ally read Dillon’s message out loud. I was really embarrassed. But that’s when Davy looked at me and said, “I don’t know are we?” I responded, trying to sound calm and cool with, “Well you haven’t asked me.” And that is when he asked me to be his girlfriend!

how they asked: Davy and I had been dating for a while and I was so ready to be engaged. He told me that we would get engaged before the end of the summer but I was heading back to college in less than two weeks. Right around that same time frame, Davy’s cousin Ashley invited us to come down for a few days to the Outer Banks and spend some time with their family. Ashley and her husband Tyler are professional wedding photographers and mentioned doing a mini photoshoot with Davy and I while we were together. Davy and I barely have any pictures together so I was super excited about this idea!

The second day we were at the beach (the day he was going to propose), Ashley asked me a lot of questions about when I thought we were going to get engaged and what I wanted. I really didn’t think anything of it because basically every person I know has asked me similar things. For most of the day we just hung out at the beach and the pool and eventually I went inside to take a nap. As I was falling sleep, Ashley knocked on my door and asked if I would go with her to get our nails painted and pick up dinner. She offered to pay and who would say no to getting your nails done for free?

Plus, I figured Davy would propose the following week, so I might as well get my nails done now. So, I got up and got ready and went to find Davy so I could tell him that we were leaving for a bit. I searched everywhere for him and no one knew where he was. I finally found him outside the house talking on the phone. I asked him who he was talking to. He said he was talking to our friend Dillon, little did I know he was actually calling my family to ask for their blessing!

I told him to just come inside when he was done. When he came inside, he told me that he was asking Dillon to take pictures when he proposed to me. I was kind of mad because I felt like there would be no surprise to our engagement; he just kept telling me all the details!! So I told him we were going to get our nails done and then Ashley and I left. When we got back, we started getting ready for pictures and dinner. We had a huge seafood feast and went outside for pictures.

When it was time for our photoshoot, I was so excited. Ashley kept saying stuff like, “Davy you look like your dad” and “You guys look so good!”. Again, I didn’t think anything of it. During the pictures, Ashley ran back up to the house to get a reflector; little did I know she was picking up the ring from her sister who had just arrived from picking it up from the shop. Shortly after that Tyler said he was going to step back for a wide shot.

Image 2 of Brooke and Davy

I was holding on to Davy’s arm ready for the shot but Davy was trying to get me to let go of his arm. That’s when he whispered in my ear, “Guess what? I have a surprise for you.” Before I knew it, he was on one knee and I was crying! I said yes, of course! After we finished pictures, Ash told me how everything went down and I could not believe I had no clue all day. I cannot think of a better way for Davy to have asked me to marry him.

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Photos by: The Herrintons