Brooke and Daniel

How We Met: We had known of each other since high school because our best friends at the time were brother and sister. Little did we know that we would be soon be each others best friends for life (cheezyness is practically mandated in the realm of engagments and weddings, so bear with me).

My bible study was having a game night (for anyone that knows Daniel it had to have been divine intervention he was there) at a friend’s house and Daniel showed up early. I noticed him when he walked in and we talked a little bit- just a little innocent flirting :) I loved his laid back personality right away! I tried to get him involved in some of the games through out the night, and he would join my team, but that’s about all the contribution I could get :) A few weeks later another game night was approaching, but I was going to have to go solo so I casually mentioned to my friend that she should tell Daniel to come. I should have known that would make her wheels start turning! Next thing I knew Daniel called me up and asked me out on a date. We went to chow baby in Atlanta on February 14th, 2011three days later and the rest is history!

Here is Daniel’s recount of the proposal:

For some reason when we first met I thought it would be cool to document the major milestones in our relationship like falling in love, being in love, realizing she was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and asking her to be my wife. So every time one of these happened I wrote it down on a piece of paper, put it in a sealed envelope, and gave it to her. Each time I told her there would be more to come and that if she opened one before I said she would ruin something awesome (she kept joking they were break up notes).

Then she left for Turkey…for six weeks…which really sucked. I knew I wanted to marry her before she left, but I wasn’t sure what she was thinking, so I waited for the right time. Eventually we talked about our feelings for each other and turns out she loved me too! So I began hatching THE plan. When she came home from Turkey she was only going to be back for two days before leaving me again, so I knew I needed to act fast.

The first thing was to ask her dad’s permission. Her dad and mom gave their blessing and a few days later I had the ring. I decided to take the letters I had written and hide them in a park we run around in. I made the hidden letters a geocache and gave her a clue which we would have to find the morning after she got home. That morning I went and picked her up from her house, and we set off for the old wooden bridge over Vickery Creek. She couldn’t find the hidden letters so I “found” them for her. We climbed out from under the bridge and I had her sit on some rocks and read the letters in order. When she got to the last one that said “Will you marry me?” I had the ring box in my hand. She thought it was a sweet little joke, but when she saw the ring she said “OH MY GOSH!” a couple thousand times and finally said “YES!”.

Photos by Aragon Photography