Brooke and Chris

How We Met

My fiancé and I are middle school sweethearts and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

How They Asked

To celebrate our 12 year anniversary he booked us a trip to NYC. It is one of my favorite cities & it was during Christmas, our favorite season. Little did I know, he has been planning this proposal for 10 months. Once we landed we freshened up and went to Central Park to ice skate and walk around before dinner. Once we got to this bridge in front of the Plaza Hotel he grabbed my hands, dropped to a knee, with tears in his eyes and a grin so big my heart melted, he proposed.

Where to Propose in Central Park, New York

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Central Park, New York

I collapsed in his arms & immediately cried tears of joy. We spent the next few hours soaking at the moment before telling all of our family & friends the news. We looked back at our young teenage selves thinking about how we went from the puppy love to this moment of being newly engaged and still crazy for each other! It felt like I was in a dream, a fairytale and no one but just me and him were there. He then had dinner plans waiting for us right on the water overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

Proposal Ideas Central Park, New York

I don’t remember much from his speech because I blacked out and because he knows me so well he printed out his speech ahead of time and had it framed with a picture of us waiting back at our room with a bottle of champagne and roses. The effort from him to make this proposal so special meant the world. It was a day and trip I will remember for a lifetime.

Special Thanks

Kara Nixon
 | Photographer