Brooke and Brett

How We Met

Where to begin… Brett and I grew up right down the street from each other. We rode the school bus together in elementary school and went to dances together in high school. The only thing we didn’t do was date, at least not until college. He played baseball in Washington and I studied Nursing in Idaho. But our real love story began on Valentine’s Day of 2015. I went to visit him over the long holiday weekend of President’s Day, which just so happened to be Valentine’s Day weekend as well (completely unplanned, although he’ll never believe that!). While strolling the streets of the Germantown Leavenworth, we both knew that maybe there was something more there than “just friends” for the first time in the 12 years we had known each other. That night we were planning to go out for an Italian dinner, but unfortunately, neither of us gave thought to the idea that on Valentine’s Day pretty much every Italian restaurant is 1.) Going to be booked, and 2.) Very romantic. So, after driving around town for an hour we found a hole in the wall restaurant that honestly might have had the best food I’ve ever tasted. After a not so romantic Valentine’s dinner, we headed back to his house to watch movies and hang out for the night and as we settled down on the couch for a movie, he kissed my forehead for the first time and in that moment I knew that something was different between us. And I knew that I wanted to be with him. We were both a little nervous but hoped that even if it didn’t work out our friendship would still last. Luckily for us, our friendship only grew stronger and now we are planning our wedding!

how they asked

July 16, 2018: Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, United Kingdom.

The day started out a little something like this… We had arrived in Edinburgh on the 14th and were embracing all the city had to offer by our second day there. We awoke early, tied our tennis shoes for a long day of walking, and hit the city streets. We walked through neighborhoods dreaming about the inside of the beautiful flats, then stumbled across one of the most stunning churches- St. Mary’s Cathedral (an absolute must see if you’re ever in Edinburgh). After walking approximately 6 miles we finally grabbed a traditional Scottish breakfast complete with poached eggs, streaky bacon, and haggis. We climbed to the top of Scott monument, followed by well-deserved gelato in Princes Street Gardens. Then, finally to Edinburgh Castle.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Edinburgh Castle, United Kingdom

The castle sits one mile above the city and is complete with views all the way past the city to the ocean from the top. Around 4 o’clock we were finishing up our castle touring and were SO ready to sit down and grab some dinner, when Brett turned to my dad and asked, “Joe, will you take our picture?” Brett then reached in his pocket, dropped to one knee and pulled out the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen asking, “Brooke, will you marry me?” Of course, overwhelmed with emotion, I nodded yes hard enough to make my head fall off followed by uncontrollable sobs.

Proposal Ideas Edinburgh Castle, United Kingdom

Brooke's Proposal in Edinburgh Castle, United Kingdom

I am so excited to walk down the cathedral aisle to him in May! I cannot wait to finish our fairytale and live happily ever after!