Brooke and Brandon

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How We Met

Brandon and I met this summer at a church volleyball activity. He caught my eye right away and I did everything I could to make sure we would be on the same team. I introduced myself and he told me he was really bad with names, but would do his best to remember mine. Every few minutes I would ask him if he remembered my name. The first time I asked he had already forgotten and I teased him about it the rest of the night. I learned right away that night just how competitive Brandon was. He was doing everything he could to not lose the volleyball game, that includes kicking the ball right into my side. He was trying to safe it from hitting the sand, but instead it nailed me. For some reason this just made me more interested in him. We continued flirting throughout the entire game, even when he went to spike the ball and knocked me into the sand. He claims he was just trying to get my attention, and well I guess it worked. We flirted all night long and even decided to go night swimming later that night. Meeting him complexity changed my life and I am forever grateful for that silly volleyball game.

how they asked

On October 9, 2015 I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a bus. I had woken up with a horrible cold. I had class all day so I forced myself to get out of bed and get to class. I went to the library to study during my break on campus. Brandon knew I hadn’t been feeling well so he brought me some soup. He told me he had some errands to run, but he would see me after class. After my last class of the day Brandon picked me up on campus. He told me that he wanted to get dressed up and go take some cute fall pictures. I was a little hesitant just because I had been so sick all day. He told me to go take some medicine, a short nap, and to get all cute. He told me if I really didn’t feel up to it I didn’t have to go, but I could tell it was really important to him so I agreed. I put on my favorite leather pants, heels, and red lipstick. He picked me up an hour later and we headed to one of our favorite parks.

Once we got to the park we just started walking around. We asked a random couple to snap a few pictures of us and continued to walk around the pond. After walking for awhile, in the distance I saw a blanket set up with candles, roses, and rose pedals. I just ignored it at first and figured it was for somebody else. At this point I still had no idea what was going on. That is until he pulled me over to the blanket. I saw an envelope and I knew it was his hand writing. He started to tell me how much he loved me and how he wanted to be with me forever. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was completely surprised and in shock. Somehow between my sequels and tears I managed to say yes. My hand was shaking so bad he could barely even put the ring on my finger.

The weekend prior to him proposing Brandon and his best friend Matt went to Salt Lake City for a “bros weekend.” Or at least that’s what I thought they were doing. I was completely wrong. Turns out Brandon and Matt had actually driven all the way to Colorado so Brandon could ask for my parent’s blessing. I was completely blown away that he had driven nine hours there and back on Saturday and Sunday just to ask my parents.

Needless to say it was perfect in every way.

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Special Thanks

Cassie Young
 | Photographer
Raechel Watt
 | Best friend/ wing woman
Matt Clewett
 | Best friend/ wing man