Brooke and Brandon

Proposal Ideas The park / baseball field where we first kissed

How We Met

The first time I saw Brandon, he was on the stage at our church, talking about a mission trip he’d just returned from. That same night, we both attended the same life group for the first time. He sat beside me. Since we were both new church members (and he was very quiet), I took pity on him and struck up a conversation. After that night, we saw each other in passing and would chat from time to time. I soon learned how much we had in common; from an interest in film and television to the literature degrees, we’d both earned in school. I also began to notice how strong he was in his faith, which was something I deeply desired and needed to have in a partner.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The park / baseball field where we first kissed

Brandon will say I started “stalking” him on his socials, but a girl needs to do her recon work. We became friends via Twitter conversations, exchanging flirty banter through the weeks of Summer 2016. I was still off his radar, but he was definitely on mine.

Then one night, at the end of July, Brandon messaged me about a church baseball game. I said “I’ll go if you go,” which completely went over his head. (At the time, his hair wasn’t high like it is now, or else maybe he’d have caught what I was hinting at.) We went to the baseball event, two friends in tow, but it turned out Brandon had the address wrong. Instead of parting ways, we decided to go to Wendy’s. Over two Frosty’s (his was vanilla… I guess he likes that flavor ;)) we spent an hour talking about movies and TV. Our poor friends sat awkwardly to the side while we chatted, but we couldn’t help it.

Where to Propose in The park / baseball field where we first kissed

Fast forward to the end of August. I “tested” Brandon with an invite to the movies with two friends—to which he said yes. The outing was fantastic, and I decided to go ahead and ask him out alone. He replied to my text and told me he would need to pray before he agreed to date me. It was a secret wish come true. I’d always hoped that a man would pray before dating me. The next day, August 29th, 2016, Brandon texted me again and said we should go out. We consider that to be our anniversary.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The park / baseball field where we first kissed

Since that amazing day, Brandon and I have made so many memories. We started a youtube channel called Brooke & Brandon, focusing on our interracial, Christian relationship. For our first anniversary, Brandon surprised me with a private plane ride around Toronto. I gave him a journal with letters, poems, and pictures. We have filmed a short film together, done several makeshift photoshoots, geeked out over Marvel movies, battled anxiety, depression, and unemployment, held hands every car ride, prayed tirelessly, and fallen more in love.

Brooke and Brandon's Engagement in The park / baseball field where we first kissed

He is the smartest, most honest, understanding, considerate, and forgiving person I know. He is the man of God I’ve always needed, and the answer to my prayers. He is the truest example of “dying to self” and putting your partner first. His selflessness and grace are the reason we are still together. That, and God’s goodness. I’m so thankful for Brandon and so excited for this next season as we prepare our hearts for marriage.

How They Asked

There’s a disclaimer to this story, and please don’t be upset. I knew Brandon was going to propose. We’d talked about it in detail to make sure we were ready, and certain family/friends began saying curious things. That being said, I didn’t know HOW he was going to do it. Which made me very nervous on the day of Monday, May 20th.

It was a Canadian holiday, and Brandon told me he’d be taking me for lunch and dinner. I was told to dress up, wear makeup, and bring our vlog camera. Hmm… He picked me up at 12:00 and asked where I’d like to eat. I suggested shawarma, and we got in the car. He should have taken a left at the first intersection, but instead he turned right. He drove two minutes to the nearby community centre, and parked in the lot where we shared our first kiss, and shared our testimonies with each other. Then he coerced me out of the car and slung a backpack onto his shoulder. I was already on the verge of tears.

Hinting that we were actually set to have a picnic, he leads me through some VERY wet grass, and some VERY strong winds, onto the adjacent baseball field. There he admitted that he hadn’t brought a blanket or food, and made a great show of rummaging cluelessly in his backpack for a sad bag of half-empty plantain chips. It was all to buy time until my three best friends could walk across the field and join us.

I started crying. We passed the vlog camera to my friends, and Brandon pulled a book from his bag. It was “The Playbook”, from my favorite show “How I Met Your Mother”. Inside was a ‘play’ that Brandon had written, called The Brooke. It was about 20 bullet points long and highlighted all the big moments from our first year together. If you’ve seen the TV show, you know how Brandon’s gesture relates, and how meaningful it was for me.

When he finished reading The Brooke out loud, he took my hands and said the same thing he said when we first started dating. “God really loves us to bring us together.” He said some other beautiful things about God, and love, which you can hear in our proposal video. Then he reached into his jacket pocket… and pulled out a rose.

The Bachelor is also one of my favorite shows. Brandon asked me if I would accept “this rose”, and I, of course, said yes. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a wooden ring box. (Imagine me sobbing.)

He got down on one knee and said, “And will you marry me?”

Yes, Brandon, I will. I cannot wait to B your wife.

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