Brooke and Austin


How We Met

My senior year of high school, I had no idea the cute boy I met while visiting my friend’s church would become one of my biggest blessings. After the service, a group of us decided to go to dinner and Austin asked if anyone wanted to ride with him. Knowing this could be my chance to talk to him, I volunteered to ride with him (but dragged my friend’s exchange student along with me because safety first). The car ride was an incredible preview to the laughter and joy we now get to share forever. When we got to the restaurant, Austin paid for my meal after we ordered, which indicated to me that he was just as interested in me as I was in him. We spent the meal getting to know each other and laughing together and at the end of the meal, he got my number.


In the next few weeks, I was crushed that Austin never called. What I didn’t know is that my number wasn’t working in Austin’s phone because it was a long distance area code and his phone didn’t let him connect with it. Meanwhile, he thought that I gave him a fake number because of the error message he received when trying to call me. We both felt sad about missing out on something that seemed so incredible and in the months that followed, we went about our lives, both separately wishing we could be together. One day, months later, he messaged me online and we finally figured out that technology issues had kept us apart!

A few weeks after that, Austin called me and asked me on a date and I happily said yes. Our first date was June 12, 2012. We went to a baseball game, stole a traffic cone (shh, don’t tell), went to dinner, and laughed the night away.


how they asked

I had been looking forward to a trip to Kansas City, MO with Austin and his family for months, but I had no idea how special this trip would be. I fully expected the weekend to center around celebrating Austin’s amazing parents, their 40th wedding anniversary, and his mom’s birthday. Once Austin and I, his parents, his uncle, and his siblings and their families arrived in Kansas City, we went to dinner at a restaurant in the Plaza, about a 15 minute walk from our hotel. At the end of the meal, Austin asked if I would walk back to the hotel with him to pick up something he forgot. I happily agreed, excited to spend some time alone with him.

Before we left the hotel to meet up with his family again, he gave me a card on beautiful stationary with a quote from my favorite book, Peter Pan. I started to tear up and thanked him for being so sweet to me, but I had no clue what was coming next. We began our walk through a park next to the hotel, talking about our relationship and all of the important moments we’ve shared. After we discussed each important moment, he gave me another card containing the date of the event, a description of the important moment, and a quote from my favorite poet, song, or Bible verse.


Even after four separate cards from him, I didn’t understand what was about to happen. It wasn’t until we reached a beautiful fountain and Austin gave me the final card that I realized this was the moment I had been dreaming of for over four years. The final card contained the current date on it, but was left blank. When I looked up from reading it, Austin was on one knee and I was SHOCKED.



I had to ask him later that night what he said to me during the actual proposal because from that moment on, it was all a beautiful, wonderful blur. Through all my confusion and excitement, I managed to say “YES” to the greatest question I have ever been asked by the most wonderful man I’ve ever met.