Brooke and Andrew

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How We Met

In January 2019, Andrew was in San Diego working on a local military base for a previous job he had. He was out one night in Downtown San Diego with a few of his coworkers when someone they met recommended they go to the local “redneck” bar called Moonshine Flats. Moonshine Flats was Brooke and her friend’s favorite spot to go on Saturday nights. Saturday, January 19thwas no different. Brooke and her friend, Taylor Da Costa, were out at Moonshine dancing the night away when Andrew looked over and saw “the most beautiful girl in this world and knew he was going to marry her.” Andrew went over to Brooke, handed her a cold beer and they danced the rest of the night away. Two days later, Brooke picked him up from his hotel in San Diego and they went on their first date. The minute he got in her car he said he felt at home because she was playing country music. She took him to her favorite sushi spot (Banbu Sushi), they went to the driving range and then went down to a bar at the beach to watch the sunset. They spent as much time together as they could for the few days Andrew was in town before he had to head to a job in Texas. They spent every night on the phone for 3-4 hours a night. It was so easy for Brooke and Andrew to spend every night talking to each other on the phone for hours.

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Often times the call would end with Brooke snoring into the phone. They had no idea what they were doing with each other and definitely didn’t think it would ever work but they didn’t care because all they knew was it felt right. About a month and a half later, Andrew had to drive back to the West Coast for a job out in Yuma, AZ. He actually got out to Arizona the same weekend Brooke and her family was going to desert just 20 minutes from Andrews Hotel. Andrew came to the desert as “Brooke’s Friend.” He taught her Brother how to put Whiskey back that night and hit it off with her family! The Conway Family is from the South (Gramps was from Alabama actually!) so Andrew fit right in! Brooke went back to San Diego and Andrew was working in Yuma for the next week. Andrew drove to San Diego every single night from Yuma (4 hours round trip) to spend time with Brooke while they were on the same coast. The time went quick and Andrew had to head back to Alabama as his job in Yuma was finished up. Brooke and Andrew continued to talk on the phone every night. He flew her out to Alabama at the end of May for 5 days to show her his hometown and how to do a crawfish boil! Brooke was afraid it wouldn’t work and was afraid her family would think she was crazy so she told her family she was going to see her friend, Kristin who also lives in Alabama. When she got back to Cali, there was never a day that went by that they wouldn’t talk. Andrew came back to San Diego as soon as he could, which was the first week of July and he got to meet her grandparents (Conway) for the first time. Gramps and Andrew hit it off! They shared the love of the land of Dixie, Alabama Football, fishing, and leaving their toothpicks everywhere. Brooke and Andrew spent the rest of the week down in Pacific Beach, going to different restaurants around San Diego and also went to Temecula to go wine tasting for Andrew’s first time! The week went by quick and their love grew stronger each day. Less than a month later, Gramps was not doing well so Andrew came out to see him and be with Brooke and her family. Andrew was so caring towards gramps and even helped him go to the bathroom in his final days. It meant so much to the whole family to have Andrew there and be there for Brookie in this tough time. Gramps and Andrew would have been so much trouble together! We are so bummed they never got to go fishing together. Brooke feels that gramps legacy lives on through Andrew and the similarities that they share. Soon Andrew had to get back to Alabama for work so they immediately scheduled Brooke’s next trip out to Alabama just 3 weeks later. Brooke went out to Alabama at the end of August and finally got to meet Andrew’s parents. Each goodbye got harder and harder the more time they spent together. Brooke left and two days later on September 5th, Andrew decided to pack his bags and drive all the way out to California. He told Brooke he wanted to come out to Cali for a week or two but then never left. And the rest was history!

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How They Asked

In April of 2020, Brooke’s Grandma offered diamonds and gold to Andrew for an engagement ring. Andrew took the diamonds and gold to a local jeweler (@AlpineJewelers) that the Brookes family had gone to for 25+ years. They designed the most beautiful custom ring. A few months later, on July 11th Andrew and Brooke went wine tasting for Brooke’s birthday in Temecula. Andrew all day kept asking to take pictures which is something he had never done before but Brooke didn’t think much of it.

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He had the ring in his pocket all day long with no plan. The last-minute went to Monte De Oro Winery and Andrew saw the huge American flag and knew that was where he had to propose. He gave the waiter an extra tip and asked him to take pictures. He just kept snapping pictures then Andrew dropped to his knee and Brooke screamed yes. The WHOLE winery cheered and another waitress brought out champagne to celebrate. It could not have been a more perfect day. It was the happiest day of our lives!! We are so so excited.

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