Brooke and Alex

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How We Met

Alex and I met 4 years ago this October when I started working for a another restaurant in the chain I was in. Alex was the typical bartender, hated the servers, so basically, I did not like him either. Over the course of the next 3 months I told friends that I was not a fan of him which eventually turned into, “I think I really like Alex.” He had never made a move with me just started getting more friendlier and started to flirt with me. On December 31st I decided that I was going to make a move and kiss him when the clock turned midnight and go from there, to my surprise he got switched to one of the other bars at the last minute. My plan was ruined, but I did not let that defer me from trying to make the move, instead I messaged him on Facebook(so lame I know) that night and just straight out asked him if he would go on a date with me. On January 3, 2013 we had our first date, and the rest is history.

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how they asked

Alex and I had planned a trip to Mexico for October 8th, 2016, just so that we could finally have a tropical trip and go to another country. My mom then called a couple weeks before and stated she was planning a dinner for my little brothers 21st birthday and that we should come home for that on October 7th, and that it would also be a surprise for Alex’s 28th birthday. I left that up to Alex to decide because I honestly did not want to drive to Virginia Beach from Harrisonburg (4 hours) right before our trip. He said that we should go and so we made our plans and arrangements for our dogs. My best friend (Gabrielle) who gets married on October 7th, 2017 stated that my mom (her wedding planner) is going to be helping out on a photo shoot that Friday right before dinner and that she wanted to go check out the flower arrangements that Palette of Petals put together. I said of course I would love to go!!

Alex and I got ready and went our separate ways and would eventually meet at the dinner place come that time. After about an hour of Gabrielle wanting to go get coffee and then “forgetting” her planner, and wanting to show me her first dance song’s music video haha, and cannot forget her constantly trying to convince me to change my flip flops to heels we finally arrived in Pungo, Virginia at the owner of Palette of Petals, parents home. The set up was beautiful, a table with stunning flowers, lights, drapery right on the lake, just look at the pictures! My mom kept stating that the bride was taking a while and should be ready soon so the photo shoot could get started so we could go to dinner. I then decided after about 20 minutes of waiting that I had to go to the bathroom, when I came out the photographer Ross Costanza and his assistant/wife Jessica wanted to show Gabrielle and I some pictures they had taken previously.

They kept kind of walking away from me and so I was trying to keep up, until I saw my favorite purple button up and the man of my dreams standing right in front of me. Needless to say, my heart dropped, and as I am typing I am shaking! He then walked me over towards the table underneath the lights and drapery set up, where he proceeded to tell me how much he loved and cared for me, how he was the luckiest man in the world and that he was just as nervous and shaky as I was.

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Alex then dropped to one knee where I could no longer hold back my tears, and of course I SAID YES!!!! He then informed me that we were not going to dinner where we had previously planned, we would be having dinner right here at the table on the lake, which was provided by Chef by Design. But before we would sit down and enjoy the rest of our night under the stars we would have pictures taken by Ross as a newly engaged couple. I cannot describe how amazing that night was and how much I love this man of mine. We are so excited to continue our journey of life together now as an engaged couple and in a few short years as the Ewings!

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Thanks goes out to Ross Costanza & Jessica Costanza of Ross Costanza Photography for the amazing photos, David Bell & Courtney Pollard of Stage Right Lighting Weddings & Special Events for the beautiful string lights and fabric draping, Palette of Petals for the beautiful centerpiece and flowers on my chairs as well as her parents for letting us use their property out in Pungo for the proposal, Waterford Event Rentals, LLC for the beautiful linen, Chef by Design Catering Co. for the delicious dinner. Table, chairs, charger plates, dinnerware, silverware, glassware, cylinders with candles, beaded chandelier all from Baxter’s Creative Events.

Special Thanks

Ross Costanza
 | Photographer
Palette of Petals
 | Flowers/House
Chef By Design
 | Dinner