Brooke and Alex

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Spartanburg, South Carolina

How We Met

Alex and I have been dating for a decade-literally. We are high school sweethearts. I am two years older than Alex or “AC” and I had only heard of him as a really good baseball player. Two of our close friends had previously asked if we would be interested in hanging out with them but I brushed it off because I was a rising senior and he a rising sophomore. At the time, Alex was playing football and in our hometown, Friday Night Lights was really a thing. He had been at a football camp towards the end of the summer and I agreed to attend with my friend who previously asked if I would be interested in hanging out with Alex. We ended up taking Alex and our other friend back to the car and we all met for lunch afterward. Alex had a sense of sarcasm that I found infatuating, he was quiet yet had a sense of humor that was beyond cute. It certainly helped that he was adorable and an incredible athlete. We exchanged numbers after finally going to the dinner that our friends asked us to go on, and we spent the rest of the summer together. We entered into our senior and sophomore years as a couple.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Brooke and Alex's Engagement in Spartanburg, South Carolina

The next ten years would be full of long-distance visits and thousands of FaceTime’s, phone calls, and texts. I stuck around for college while Alex was offered a scholarship to play baseball at Coastal Carolina. We were miles apart but forever close at heart. Alex went on to help Coastal Carolina clinch the 2016 College World Series, get his MBA, and get drafted by the San Diego Padres. After hanging up the cleats, he accepted a job in Tallahassee Florida. There were many planes rides between but I always thought of visits with Alex has an incredible vacation. With us being apart, we would always live in the moment and appreciate our time together. Alex transferred to Greenville where we currently live. Not only have we grown as individuals, but we have grown together as a couple. Many people always asked how we did long distance for that long of a duration, but I truly feel it made us strong.

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Brooke's Proposal in Spartanburg, South Carolina

How They Asked

Alex and I had closed on building our first home the Tuesday before he asked, so he had offered to take me to dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant Renato’s. I didn’t think much of it as it was the perfect celebratory dinner. Alex was a little more talkative than usual on our drive to dinner. We got seated, ordered a bottle of wine, and our two favorite appetizers. We would normally order huge meals and a dessert, but once we finished with our appetizers Alex was full so I didn’t want to order a huge meal on my own. I felt it was a little strange but looking back Alex was pretty nervous. We began walking back to the car through this gorgeous brick ally with twinkling lights above us. On Friday, November 22nd, he grabbed my hand and said, “I am looking forward to building this house with you, and I can’t wait to do life with you.” His segue was perfect. He clenched my hand tight and said, “the only thing left to do is get married!”. He then pulled got down on one knee, pulled out the most gorgeous ring, and asked me to Marry Him! He had two professional photographers (one a family member & one who has known us both for years) capture the amazing moment.

Alex had then planned a surprise engagement party at his family’s neighborhood clubhouse. He had all of our family and best friends there to celebrate us. As I walked through the party, I was in awe of those who drove hours to be there and support us. The love in the room was so overwhelming and it was a moment I could live in forever. I was also in shock that everyone kept that secret from me since September. I cried with happiness, grinned for hours, and we all danced the night away. Our families had even brought in old high school and college photos of us. We celebrated with champagne and in a room full of those who are truly special to us.

Alex aced it with the most perfect proposal!!

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