Brooke and Adam

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How We Met

I had lived in an apartment near the University of Minnesota campus for a year before Adam moved into the apartment next to mine. I had just adopted a Yorkie puppy, and while I was in class my friend Kathy went to my apartment to check in on her. When Kathy opened the door Kaia, my puppy, was feeling adventurous and ran between her legs, and out of the apartment. Luckily, Adam happened to be walking back towards his apartment and caught Kaia before she made it very far. Adam assumed that Kathy was his new neighbor, and he introduced himself. Kathy told him that she was just there checking in on Kaia, and that he should come back later that evening to meet her “single hot friend”. That evening I was watching TV after I got home from class and I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door to find two handsome young men standing in front of me asking if they could play with Kaia for a little bit, I said yes and invited them in. So Kaia is truly the reason we met, and the rest is history.

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how they asked

We were spending the week in Breckenridge, Colorado, with his family. A couple days into the trip we decided to spend the afternoon walking around Denver before we went to Top Golf that evening.

Adam and I went downtown before the rest of the group and were walking around in, what I thought, was an aimless manner. After a little bit we were walking in front of the Daniels and Fisher Tower and Adam said he wanted to see if we could go up to the clock. When we got inside Adam went up to an employee and asked if we could go up to see the clock. She responded “We don’t really let anyone up there, but I’m going up there quick so I can let you up for a minute” and she called the elevator.

When we got to the 17th floor she told us we could go up another floor to see the clock, and then she went into the office. Once Adam had led me to the 18th floor our song came on over the speaker system and the floor had a path of rose pedals. We entered the room directly behind the clock faces, the floor covered in rose pedals and champagne on the table. Adam got down on his knee and, after a few heartfelt words, asked for my hand in marriage.

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Special Thanks

Hayley Huotari
 | Photographer