Brook and Tony

How We Met

Tony and I first saw each other in NJROTC, in September 2009. I never had the courage to actually talk to him, I was very shy. We didn’t really start talking until a few months later when I was having a very rough day. From that day forward, we talked after each ROTC class; we would sit at lunch, where he would buy me lunch when he could. As the year began to come to a close, and seeing I was getting no where with my attempts at flirtation (Tony was very oblivious) I was truly afraid that nothing would come of our friendship. I invited him to come along with my family and I to Kings Dominion as friends; well on June 30th 2010, after a long texting conversation, I get a text saying “Did you want to be my girlfriend” of course I wanted to, so I said “well yes”. The answer I got back was “well congratulations you are”. I was shocked.

how they asked

On December 13th 2015, we went out to lunch and I thought it was just like any other day. I was wrong, We started playing Life on the kiosk at the table, and I happened to land on the “Get Engaged” tab, Tony sighs and says “well this isn’t exactly how I planned to do this but will you marry me?” as he pulls the ring box out of his pocket. I stuttered saying yes of course. I started calling everyone as we ate our lunch.Once we got back out to the car, Tony did try to get down on one knee, but he ended up getting a cramp and he fell over cussing the whole time, a true romantic he is, but I love him <3

Image 1 of Brook and Tony