Brook and Austin

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How We Met

Austin and I met the beginning of my freshman year of high school while he was a junior. I first spotted him while I standing in the football pep block. Nothing happened that night, but the next home football game Austin was in front of me in the pep block and “accidentally” fell on me! He of course apologized and later facebooked me. From there on we never stopped talking and started dating on October 8th, 2011. (Picture- Photo of us the in the football pep block 2011)

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how they asked

Of course I felt bad for Austin because I already knew he was going to propose that weekend. He has never been good at keeping secrets and neither are my sisters or mom. I was coming home that weekend because my mom wanted to take “family pictures”. Of course Austin was invited because he has been apart of the family for six years now. The family got all dressed up and was waiting on the photographer to show up. My mom wanted Austin and I to walk around the property and find some great areas to shoot. As soon as we started walking out the door all I could do was laugh. I knew what was going on and he knew I new… We walked into the woods where flowers lined a path with pictures of the past six years all around us on the trees. We stopped and he got out a letter and read me something (I was not paying attention because I was really excited, but later reread the letter). He finally was done reading and pulled out a box with the most amazing ring inside. While of course my dad, sisters and mother watched. I of course said YES!!

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Special Thanks

Shelby Henry
 | Photographer