Brogan and Keith

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How We Met

Keith and I dated on an off throughout Jr. High and High school. When I graduated high school in 2006 and moved away to college, we remained friends but slowly as the years went on with me living in Chicago and him in Wisconsin, we eventually lost touch.

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8 years later on St. Patricks Day 2014, I was home to go snowmobiling with my family at the lake house. My family was out for cocktails and decided it wouldn’t be a great idea to drive that night so we celebrated St. Patricks Day in my hometown. Somehow Keith was brought up at dinner and I decided it would be a terrific idea to text him. He came to see me later that night and through the course of several trips between Chicago and Wisconsin, we’d become just as close as we ever were. During the Summer of 2014 I moved back to Wisconsin and we became nearly inseparable and after a few months of spending every day together, he finally convinced me to give a 2nd (or 12th) shot.

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how they asked

We had planned on going to dinner with a couple of friends in a town not far from where we live. We were almost to the restaurant when we passed a sheriff sitting on the side of the highway. I didn’t think much of it until the officer immediately pulled out a couple cars behind us. The cop slowly passed the other two cars and sure enough got behind us and put his lights on. I was distraught over the fact that we were supposed to be at dinner in 10 minutes and not very happy about being stopped, as such I was immediately sassy to the police officer. This worsened when he had given us “your license plate is expired” excuse when we had just renewed it a month prior and asked for both Keith’s license and my license. He went back to his car for what seemed like forever and when he came back the police officer proceeded to pull Keith out of the car and around to the back of the vehicle.

I was dumbfounded, how were we going to be arrested for an expired license plate?! After a minute or two of talking to Keith in the back of the vehicle, he came to my side and asked me to get out of the vehicle. As I walked around to the back of the car, the officer kept walking and Keith turned around with the ring.

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From thinking I was getting arrested to getting engaged in 2.2 seconds was a whirlwind to say the least. He had 2 people hiding in the bushes taking video and photos of the whole thing.

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