Brittyn and Jack

How We Met

Jack and I technically met when we were 15, although we didn’t become good friends until the end of our junior year of high school, and became inseparable friends the summer before our senior year of high school in 2010. I stayed in Norman, OK after graduation and attended the University of Oklahoma, while Jack went off to play soccer at Indiana University and later continued his soccer career at Duke. During this this time, we continued our friendship by frequently talking over the phone, Skyping, texting, and getting together when he was back home over breaks. It wasn’t until the Fall of our junior year of college that we both started thinking about more. Jack came home for winter break in 2013, and after a night with friends at a backyard bonfire and watching old episodes of Spongebob (LOL so romantic!), Jack leaned over and kissed me after all our friends had left. We started dating shortly after, but decided to keep it between the two of us while we gave long distance a whirl since Jack had to go back to Duke a few weeks later. It wasn’t until February that we told our friends and family that we had been dating for two months! We both look back to those months and reminisce on how fun it was to have something so special between the two of us while we made the transition from best friends to something more.

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Fast forward 3.5 years of long distance.. he’s living in San Francisco working in tech startup while I’m in Oklahoma City completing graduate school and starting my own private practice as a dietitian. These years of long distance have been difficult, of course (less difficult when it’s your best friend!), but have also made our time when we are together so sweet and make us not take our time together for granted. It’s also has allowed us personal growth that we may not have gotten of if we would have been in the same spot (i.e. grad school, playing soccer professionally, getting tech startup experience, etc). You can imagine how much more exciting getting engaged and married is, since this finally means we will be together and in the same place for the rest of our lives!!!

Where to Propose in Will Rogers Garden in Oklahoma City, OK

I had thought Jack was going to propose the weekend he did (August 18-20) for a while since one of my best friends, Kate, was coming into town from Houston that weekend. Jack and I are friends on “Find My Friends” so we’re able to see each other’s location at all times (in long distance this is super convenient since I don’t have to always ask what he’s doing or where he’s at, plus I know when I should and shouldn’t call him, etc). Come that Friday, I start checking his location every few hours (because thinking you’re getting engaged can make you crazy!) thinking that the notification “Location Not Available” would show, meaning he had turned off his location and he was on his way here to Oklahoma City. However, all day Friday it showed he was at his apartment, on the metro, at work all day, and back home at night. I went to dinner with Kate and told her that I had really thought it was this weekend, and after checking his location one last time Saturday morning and seeing him at his apartment I solidified my thoughts that it was definitely not this weekend. What I didn’t know is that he had reconfigured his location to his iPad, which his roommate (and coworker) had taken to work with him and dragged around all day long, and Jack was actually in Oklahoma. Saturday started out a normal day and I went to barre with Kate and Jack’s sister, Allie (who I found out later were both trying so hard to play it cool). Kate and I went and got smoothies, made life maps (hilariously to pass time), and were on our way to what I thought was “Heard on Hurd” with my friend Claire. In reality, we were headed to Will Rogers Garden to go meet Jack. Once we got to the park, they told me to get out of the car, to which I was so confused. After finally listening to them and looking up, I recognized Jack standing in the entrance to the park.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Will Rogers Garden in Oklahoma City, OK

My jaw dropped and I sprinted to him out of shock. I think I asked him “HOW” at least 100 times. Jack took me on a walk through the park and we talked about our relationship, our friendship, and just goofed off and laughed. He finally walked me down to an open field in the park and told me how much I mean to him (and a lot of other things we get to keep between the two of us) and got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Will Rogers Garden in Oklahoma City, OK

Proposal Ideas Will Rogers Garden in Oklahoma City, OK

Through the tears I was able to get out a “yes!!!!” and then a “yayshhhh” (since the Office has been our favorite show to watch together since we were in high school). Michelle (an old friend and our photographer) popped out behind the trees and snapped a few engagement pics for us and then Jack whisked me away to Hall’s Pizza Kitchen where I thought we were having a solo dinner together. We walked up to the rooftop and all of our closest friends and family were there to surprise me and celebrate!! We rounded out the night by going to a huge bar in OKC called The Jones Assembly and celebrating with everyone. It was truly the most thoughtful, intentional, and beautiful weekend. I honestly could never be more thankful for our friends, family, & new fiancé!!!

Special Thanks

Michelle Leach