Founder of Love Inc. Mag Gets Engaged

How We Met: We actually met online (high-five!). Our first date didn’t have the best start — it was a snowy New York City night and Eric picked a place that couldn’t have been more difficult for me to get to (I quickly learned planning isn’t his forte). And his outfit … bless his heart. But even though I had two strikes against him before I even sat down, they were quickly erased five minutes into the conversation. We undoubtedly had an instant connection, immediately bantering and not a single awkward silence in sight.

Our second date was over cheap pizza and beer during trivia night at an East Village college-crowd dive bar (we were in our late 20s and early 30s, mind you). Not only did we kick everyone’s ass in trivia, but it was between flash rounds of pop culture knowledge that I realized that this was the beginning of forever.

how they asked: I run a wedding magazine, Love Inc., so I couldn’t help but have the “perfect proposal” already orchestrated in my mind once we had established that marriage was in our future. Of course, Eric understands what a control freak I am, and planned the complete opposite so that it retained an element of surprise.

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We were vacationing in Croatia and to ensure I wouldn’t turn every perfect moment into a potential proposal moment, I convinced myself that it was not going to happen during this trip. A quick rifle through the luggage gave me confirmation (seriously, I am the biggest control freak!) and we spent the next two days in travel bliss.

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After one particularly great day filled with picturesque views and a romantic dinner (i.e. hundreds of opportunities), we had come back to our Airbnb apartment and opened a bottle of wine. I was in my old college sweatshirt and yoga pants, him in a hoodie and jeans. The apartment had a “terrace” which in reality was an exterior hallway with a janky outdoor furniture set (complete with a Coca-Cola-branded umbrella) — not exactly the most romantic of settings. But we were sitting outside and discussing the day, our love and our future, and he leaned over, gave me a kiss and in one super smooth motion, pulled out a ring and dropped to one knee.

“I know this isn’t a big production, but I want you to know that I will take care of you forever,” followed by an extremely sweet speech that I can’t recall because I was so overcome with emotion. He finished with a “Will you marry me?” and I cried hysterically, attacked him with a hug and a million kisses, and screamed “Yes, of course!”

Reflecting back, the proposal is proof at how well he knows me, and had it gone any other way, I likely would have ruined the surprise with my wily ways. Not to mention, that’s just not him (as I mentioned above, planning isn’t his strong suit). The way it played out was raw and emotional, and that was perfect for us.

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