Brittni Vargas & Breana Vargas and Gonçalo Correia & Rodrigo Correia

Wedding Proposal Ideas in California

How We Met

Gonçalo & Rodrigo first met Brittni & Breana when they traveled to their family’s hometown of Faial, Azores, Portugal with their family in 2015. Years passed and the boys ended up in the United States in Brittni & Breana’s hometown of San Jose, CA in 2019 with their family. Shortly after Rodrigo and Breana started dating and Gonçalo and Brittni started dating. Each couple realized that they could not live without one another and became engaged in California, the rest is a beautiful once in a lifetime fairytale. The American Catholic double wedding is set for January 2020 in California and the Portuguese Catholic double wedding in Portugal is set for the summer of 2020 or 2021.

How They Asked

Two sisters marrying two brothers- Gonçalo proposed to Brittni on a mountain during sunset and Rodrigo proposed 1 day later to Breana on the motocross hills during sunrise. Originally both brothers wanted to propose together but decided to have the special moments alone. Motocross is very important to the grooms and they wanted to incorporate that in their intimate proposals. They have decided to have a big Portuguese-American Catholic double wedding in January of 2020.