Brittni and Austin


How We Met: We met in 9th grade and instantly became friends. There was some sort of spark that we both felt, but neither of us wanted to tell each other our feelings in order to preserve our friendship. I danced for the dance team at our high school and Austin played football. We would constantly flirt from the sidelines since he was what had my full attention during the games!

I knew that when football season ended, we would end up seeing each other less since he would be moving onto his spring sport, which was swimming. So, I decided to join the swim team that year in order for us to spend more time together. Before the season started, Austin would meet me at our local gym to give me swimming lessons so that I knew what I was doing the first day of practice. I never was that good at swimming, but I knew he didn’t mind much! Swim team is where our love story officially all began.

Since both of us are naturally pretty shy, someone needed to make the first move. My friends and I would make “bets” everyday to see if Austin would come up to me after swim practice. After countless days of no movement, I couldn’t take it anymore! So, I asked him if he would go to the movies with me the following Friday. And of course he said yes! Ever since then, we have been inseparable!

how they asked: It was Saturday, May 30, 2015. The sun was shining and Austin had a “birthday” picnic and hike planned for us in Mt. Charleston, just outside of the Las Vegas Valley. He picked me up and we drove up to the mountains along the longer, scenic route. We made our way to the Mt. Charleston Meadow, where he set up a picnic blanket under a huge pine tree. He had a lunch packed and we ate and enjoyed each others company.


After we ate, he said that we should take a picture under the beautiful tree that we had been sitting under. So, I jumped up as he set up the camera for a “picture”. Little did I know, he was recording it. We posed for the “picture” and then he gave me a huge hug and kissed me a few times, telling me how much he loved me in between kisses.


He got SUPER nervous all of a sudden, to the point that he was visibly shaking. Initially, I thought that something was wrong. But, he continued to hug and kiss me, so I ignored it.

Then, he got down on one knee and expressed his love for me and why he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. At this point, I couldn’t believe it was finally happening! The words that I had been waiting to hear our entire relationship… “Brittni, will you marry me?”… were finally spoken and I felt like I was in a dream. The second I said yes, he slipped the ring on my finger. I instantly knew I wasn’t dreaming anymore!


Right after he proposed, 5 horses ran through the Meadow and stopped to graze on the grass. It was like something out of a fairy-tale with birds chirping in the background and only us and the sound of the mountain breeze filled the air. Our proposal story was better than I had ever dreamed it to be!