Brittni and Andrew

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How We Met

It was April 2011 that I met Andrew, I was only in grade 11 and he was nothing but my good friend at the time; older sisters boyfriend. We sometimes would all do things together but it wasn’t until June 2011 where I ran into Andrew at the bar in our hometown, I quickly recognized him as my friends sisters boyfriend until he told me they were no longer together. It was from that day forward we immediately became extremely close friends and there wasn’t a day that went by where we didn’t see each other or talk. For over a year, Andrew tried to prove to me he wanted to be more than friends in the most romantic of ways, he delivered flowers, came to see me at my prom and high school grad, surprised me with gifts whenever I was having a bad day, sent me cute texts everyday, even bought me my own pink fishing rod and taught me how to fish for the very first time, but hesitant to ruin such a great friendship I held back. Over a year later on September 20th, 2012 we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend.

how they asked

July 10th, 2016 was just another Sunday to me, since we always go on hikes and are always exploring new places I thought nothing of it. We decided it was one sunday he didn’t have to work and I could take the day off from studying, and there was this specific hike I’ve been talking about doing for a while. The hike to the first lookout took about 3 hours, due to the elevation gain there was still snow in some places and where there wasn’t snow the mud was so slippery and deep you couldn’t even walk through it. Half way up I noticed we were now in the clouds and it was getting really cold, I told Andrew I honestly didn’t even feel like finishing since we were in the clouds, and the trail was so slippery I felt unsafe, he convinced me that we were too far to turn back and that we should keep on going.

We finally reached the top and I was completely irritated with the hike I just did, there was tons of people around and to top it off we were still in the clouds and could see absolutely nothing of what was supposed to be an amazing view of the ocean. We hung out at the top for about 45 minutes and ate lunch, but I was mostly pacing around to try and avoid all the bugs. Everyone started to leave since the clouds weren’t going anywhere and soon it was only Andrew and I, and two other young guys. I started to get my stuff together and wanted to start making our way back down when Andrew pointed out that the clouds were blowing away, I looked up and there was the breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean I was waiting to see.

Andrew suggested that we get a picture quickly before the clouds blew back, so he took my phone and asked one of the young guys to take a picture. I went to hold him to pose, when he grabbed both of my hands, and looked me in the eyes and said ” Brittni, you are my absolute best friend in the entire world, and there’s nothing I want more than to spend the rest of my life with you.”

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I immediately felt my eyes swell up with tears, and my heart began to race a hundred miles a minute. It was at that moment my boyfriend of 4 years, and the love of my life got down onto one knee, and asked me to marry him. That was a moment i’ll never ever forget.

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