Brittney and Anthony

Image 1 of Brittney and AnthonyHow We Met: Anthony and I met in college in a very small town in Kansas. He is from Colorado and I am from Nevada. We first met through a mutual friend. He spent the first two weeks telling me almost every day that he wasn’t attracted to me and I finally asked if he was trying to convince himself or me and he fessed up that he actually found me quite attractive. However, our personalities clashed. We spent a year as best friends with no romantic involvement. I was living in Brazil teaching English when I realized that I was really in love with him and apparently he had the same realization because he told me he was in love with me before I was even able to fess up.

how they asked: We were supposed to hang out together one Tuesday night after he hung out with some friends. Around 9:30 he text me that he wasn’t going to be able to make. I was honestly irritated. I was just getting in my pajamas for bed when my friend came into my dorm room and reminded me that I promised her a walk (which I hadn’t). I threw on my slippers to walk out the door and my friend would not let me leave in my slippers (which was odd because she isn’t exactly fashion inclined nor does she care to be). So, I changed and we headed out the door. She said she wanted to walk by the railroad tracks which brought us by the local coffee shop (where Anthony and I spent a lot of time). On the corner of the coffee shop a friend was running and my friend stopped (I thought to talk to the person running). Then she hugged me and I had no clue what was going on. She told me to go in the coffee shop and that is when I walked to the door and saw a sign with roses that said “Just for you.”

Image 2 of Brittney and Anthony

Inside, the coffee shop was filled with a hundred candles, Marry Me by Train was playing, and on the brick wall said “B Will You Marry Me?”

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Image 4 of Brittney and Anthony

Image 5 of Brittney and Anthony

Anthony came out and told me what an amazing friend and woman I was and he couldn’t imagine himself with anyone else. He then brought out a ring pop (which I have always wanted for a proposal) which was met with a laugh by me.

Image 6 of Brittney and Anthony

After that he gave me the real ring!

Image 7 of Brittney and Anthony

Of course, I said yes!