Brittney and Walter

How We Met

I was working at a local bar called Molly Spillane’s and Walter just became a Police Officer in our village. I remember seeing this cute kid but quickly found out he had a girlfriend, BUMMER. A few weeks passed and I ended up having surgery on my knee, I wasn’t working for a couple of weeks and my good friend asked me to go have a drink at Molly’s. I gave every excuse in the book…one being I AM IN A CAST. But she insisted, she knocked on my door and PHYSICALLY dragged me out of the house. We were standing at the bar and I said to her “that kid over there is so cute!” she replied “WALTER? I went to school with him, I think he has a girlfriend” I replied, “I know”. A few minutes later, I’m sitting at the bar with my friend and someone stands behind me…I immediately freak out, IT WAS HIM. He ended up talking to my friend and mentioning he was single. After that it was history… We talked until 4 am and hung out every day until he asked me to be his girlfriend exactly 29 days after we met.

How They Asked

For Christmas, I bought myself and my boyfriend tickets to Spain. We left March 4th from NY. I planned out our itinerary, but Walter had a plan of his own. March 5th we are getting ready to go to sleep and he tells me “My friend mentioned going to see the sunrise at Park Guell, we would have to be there at 7:15 am. After we are going to a fancy brunch, so do not wear jeans.” The next morning, I am super jet-lagged… I’m thinking to myself who cares if we miss this we can do it tomorrow. Walter wakes me up and tells me I have 30 minutes to get dressed. I get dressed, we head to the taxi and its FREEZING. We reached Park Guell around 7:05, walk up the stairs and face the BEST VIEW OF BARCELONA.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Park Guell, Barcelona Spain

I am moody, freezing, and tired. Walter says let me take a pic of you, then said let’s take a selfie. Before he starts, a woman comes up to us and says I can take the pic. She then begins to say that she is a professional photographer and can take pictures of us. She “recommends” I take off my jacket, I put it down, turn back around and Walter is on his knee. I immediately freeze. I’m like “WHAT IS HAPPENING”. He proceeds ” Brittney Alexa I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me” before I could say yes, I say “babe the box is upside down”. It was great, for a moment we realized how nervous we both were and laughed. A moment I will never forget!!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Park Guell, Barcelona Spain

Special Thanks

Natalia Wisniewska
 | Photographer