Brittney and Timothy

How We Met

We met through “Mutual Friends” aka I slid into her DM’s after she friend requested me on Instagram, after a night out with her friends lol. I didn’t believe in love at first sight until I met her on our first date, at Del Fuego on January 15, 2018, Martin Luther King Day. The rest is history.

How They Asked

It was a 60-degree sunny day, on October 5th. Astoria is a special place for both of us. I lived there for four years, prior to meeting Brittney, she fell in love with the ambiance and that’s where I knew I wanted to ask her to be wife. We haven’t visited Astoria since we moved in together, on Long Island. In order to avoid suspicion, I asked her best friend Melissa and her Boyfriend BJ, who live 10 minutes from Astoria, to invite us to dinner to where I took Brittney on our first date in Astoria, Trattoria L’incontro. My now fiancé is the queen of getting drinks at the bar before dinner, to kill time as we wait, so I suggested we have a few drinks at Astoria Park. Weeks prior, being a teacher in Queens, not far from the park, I scoped out the scene after “Meet the Teacher Night.” I mapped out what time the sun was setting as well as when there was the best backdrop with the skyline. I sent a video to the photographer I appointed to capture the big moment, on where to set up and where we would be when we arrived down at the park.

The night of, upon arriving, the sun was just beginning to set. I told Brittney I wanted to re-create the photo we took when I first brought her to Astoria Park. Melissa and BJ took our pictures and I suggested we take one more facing the sunset/skyline. When we turned around, I took one step back, got on one knee and asked her to marry me. She was completely shocked, didn’t see it coming and thankfully said yes!! We enjoyed drinks in the park and proceeded to our real reservation at the Vista Sky Lounge atop the Four Points Hotel. When we arrived at the rooftop she was surprised once more by all of our family and friends that had driven over an hour and a half to come celebrate our engagement.

Tears struck again and we continued to enjoy the best night of our lives with our loved ones. I then presented Brittney with a letter. The very long letter detailed all of the lies I had told her since May while planning my proposal. Brittney is my best friend and I never lie to her so I had to clean my slate! The letter ended with the final surprise that we were staying the night at the Hotel. To make the night even more memorable I got a table at Up&Down where we danced the night away, as Fiancés, with our closest friends and family.

Special Thanks

 | Photographer
Melissa Goncalves
 | Planning
BJ Davis
 | Planning