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How We Met

Thadius and I met through mutual friends. Thadius asked his cousin to hook me and him up, at first I was like really but then I said hey he seems nice I would love to get to know him. We officially started talking in March of 2014 but we began to date on July 20,2014. Thadius has taught me continue to push for my dreams. When I didn’t have anyone to talk to, I always knew he would be an listening ear. He never gave up on me nor threw in the towel( because I am a piece of work). My love grew stronger for him when I lost my grandmother on May 5th, 2017. The day I went to the hospital thinking that my grandmother was going to be fine, was the day she took my heart with her in peace. I never knew a pain so bad until she left. When I walked out the room into the hospital lounge Thadius was there to hold me as I fell to the floor and cried all day. My love for him is out of this world and I honestly don’t know what I would do without him. I was sad to know that my grandmother wouldn’t be here to see me getting married or having children. But I know that I’ll continue to make her happy. Thadius has been my shoulder to cry on and a smile to my face everyday. He literally loves me for me and I honestly know that he will never try to hurt me.

how they asked

Well I had to close the store that I work at on Sunday night around 7. My mom had been calling me all night saying hurry up we have to cook for Christmas and just rushing me, but I had no idea was going on. However I didn’t end up leaving work until 730. When I was locking the doors with my associates I noticed my parents and brother were standing outside and I said, “what are y’all doing out here?” They all began to say how proud of me they were and starting kissing me lol. Then we walked down to the enormous Christmas tree in the middle of the outlet and my mom said she wanted to take some pictures. Everyone knows I love to take pictures so I didn’t hesitate at all. As we got on the last picture (because I was over taking pictures by this time) my goddaughter walked from behind the tree with her mom and brother and they were holding a blown up frame of me and my grandmother. I still didn’t know what was going on. When I seen the picture I thought it was tribute to my grandmother and I began to get emotional. Then I seen some people walking from around the tree, but I just thought they were people working in the outlet. As I did a double take I began to recognize many faces and that’s when the song “This is why I love you” by Major began to play and I became even more emotional. My heart was so overwhelmed when I seen my boyfriend (now fiancé) walk from behind the tree also with his brother.

Thadius then asked me will I marry him and I broke down in tears. I definitely said yes, because he is everything to me and he made sure my grandmother was implemented in the proposal. There were so many family and friends there to support us on this important day. I was so shocked to believe that the whole time everyone was waiting outside for me and they all were hiding behind the tree (I had no clue). This was the cutest and most thought out proposal ever. I am so in love with Thadius and I cannot wait to be Mrs. Harriss.

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