Brittney and Ted

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How We Met

Teddy and I met in English class, junior year of High School. We shared our first kiss during a citywide black out while sitting on the public library floor in pitch dark. Since then we have made 10 years of beautiful memories and I cant wait to spend the rest of my life making more with him.

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how they asked

Teddy has always been a romantic, he leaves love notes for me all the time and has so often jokingly proposed to me on multiple occasions at random times. I have always told him that the day he actually proposes that I would not believe it unless he has a ring. We had planned this photos shoot since December when I purchased our Puppy Lola. I had made arrangements to take Christmas photos with our puppy before she grew out of her puppy phase and as circumstances would have it, my photographer and I were unable to schedule a time that would work for both of us. So I set out to find another photographer and I fell in love with Krista Ashley Photography. With such short notice Krista would not be able to shoot us until that May. I patiently waited for our family photo shoot and planned every detail. We took pictures in two different locations once arrived to the second location we were able to set our puppy Lola aside and our photographer set the mood by playing some romantic music. We walked down this dirt road with yellow flower bushes on each side, passed through this magical forest of tall trees and into an enchanted garden of greenery with beautiful mountains as our background. Once we were there Teddy asked me to turn around so he could fix my corset lace. He tied my strings and once he was done I turned around and there he was on his knee with an open little box. He told me how much he loved me and how he couldn’t imagine life with out me. I was so excited I immediately bent down to hug him and held him until we stood up together. He whispered in my ear that he is lucky to have me. It was simply beautiful.

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Special Thanks

Krista Ashley
 | Photographer
Raymie Alsobrooks
 | Make Up Artist