Brittney and Shane

How They Asked

Today was the day I FINALLY got to go to the Ice Castles (little did I know, it was going to be so much more than that)

We began our road trip to NH in the afternoon. Road trips together are our favorite thing. Singing, dancing, mad libs, stories and in Shane’s case, NERVES (poor guy).

He had the ring hidden in his coat pocket in the trunk. Hoping I wouldn’t find it.

Brittney's Proposal in Ice Castles in Lincoln New Hampshire

We stopped and had some dinner at an awesome train restaurant, we literally sat inside a train to eat which was quaint and romantic. I’ll never forget stopping and looking at Shane and asked, “why do you look so uncomfortable right now? It’s not like this is our first date?” Haha poor guy. He just laughed it off and said he was fine.

Dinner was great so we headed to the castles!!! We got there a little early so I decided to rummage through my trunk to find warmer clothes. Which meant I had to move Shane’s jacket. I’m pretty sure he nearly had a heart attack when I picked the coat up and threw it to him in the front seat. He definitely thought I’d find the ring and ruin the whole thing. So glad that I didn’t!!

At the entrance, there is a photographer who takes your picture before or after you go in. We decided to wait until after. Which made this adventure that much more nerve-racking for Shane. This meant he had to get through the wholeeeee castle without me reaching into his pocket (which I do to keep my hands warm) and find the ring). Looking back now, he did spend the majority of the time keeping me on his right side (very sneaky)!

Proposal Ideas Ice Castles in Lincoln New Hampshire

We finally finish the awesome castles, nothing could be better than that moment (jokes on me). We headed for the photographer. No biggie! I’m getting ready for the picture and Shane’s standing like 5 ft away from me (weird). “What are you doing? Come on” I say laughing. So he walks over, has me take my gloves off and…

Well, you know the rest!

He’s on one knee and just looking up at me smiling the biggest, happiest smile I’ve ever seen on him (photo evidence), and not saying a word hahaha

so naturally I say “ask me!!!!!”

He finally does, and I, OF COURSE, say yes. He hugged me and took a big breath out and says “I was so nervous”. Gosh, he’s the sweetest man I know!


He pulls out two shirts that my Cricut happy, mother of the bride, made!!

Everyone around us was happy, cheering, awwing as we put on our shirts and basked in our own joyfulness!!! We spent the next 4 hours driving home calling each other fiancé and talking about our night as if we didn’t just live it! And believing that, this was meant to be as our favorite song came on (the song we previously said would be our wedding song).

I love this man, this night and our planned future.

Special Thanks

My mom!!
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