Brittney and Ryan

Brittney and Ryan's Engagement in Newport beach

How We Met

Ryan and I met when we were much younger however never talked or said more than a few words to one another. I would always see him and notice every time that happened he would always be looking at me. My family would make jokes and tell me how I’m love he is with me but I always shrugged it off. If I recall correctly in 2012 or 2013, Ryan had messaged me on Facebook (so cliche nowadays) he asked me out for lunch or coffee. I remember laughing about it because at that time I was about 18/ 19 and he was about 16 or 17.. besides the point. His sister was one of my friends, so I declined. A few years later we were both asked to play in our annual Christmas play, me playing his wife. If you ask him I hit on him first by saying these exact words .. “feel my hands, they keep shaking”. (Let the man dream I suppose). We didn’t talk much until a few months later when I decided to add him back onto social media- haha! Ryan started to grab my attention a lot more so I was very curious about what he was up to since I only seen him here and there at church. Ryan messaged me again via Facebook and stated “look at that, were Facebook friends again”. Ever since that day we have never went a day without talking. (His sister, my friend was obviously well okay with it)

how they asked

A year and and a half later, Ryan had asked to take me out, (he always asked to take me on dates) however it was a Sunday after church so I was a bit skeptical. As soon as church was released I was talking to some friends until I see him look at me, the same face he used to give me years ago. He wanted to leave right away so we jumped into his car and started to head down to Newport. He asked me to pick what I would like to eat from this small restaurant right off the bay. As soon as we got there he handed over the money and grabbed the food, my hand, and started walking briskly towards a boat rental place. Ryan said, “I have a boat reservation” and I started looking around like – omg, is he going to ask me (in my head of course). We walked down the ramp and I see a boat filled with red roses . The sun was low enough to give the romantic feel.

Where to Propose in Newport beach

I started to look around to see who could see us ( I always wanted loved ones to be present at the proposal) but I seen no one I knew in sight. Ryan started to play Sade and making me laugh. He started to profess his love for me so I thought- this is so it !!! Five minutes ho by and he told me okay, let’s take the boat back, I was a bit confused but more cold so I hurried the boat to the dock. Ryan’s grandparents have a house out in Newport so I thought we would go towards the house by the beach out-front like we usually do when we’re down in Newport.

Ryan started to act funny, he was pointing out buildings giving me history lessons. We started to get closer to the house and told me to look at the right side of the street, I did. All of a sudden he turns me to the left and I see candles and roses aligned and I hear his brother and sister singing the song we had our first kiss to. Ed Sheeran – thinking out loud.

I started to shake and I don’t remember a thing he said. Ryan told me he said “I don’t want to go into the year without knowing you’re mine forever” he also said I said “YES!” Before he even asked, but who really knows. I cried. As I swept away my tears I glanced to the side and seen about 20 of our closest friends and family screaming cheering, even the local bar came out. I could not stop smiling and crying. Tons of pictures. Plenty tears. One great memory. A lifetime with the man I’ve always prayed for.