Brittney and Raymond

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How We Met

Raymond and I met through mutual college friends. I still cannot believe, that 10 years later we are becoming husband and wife. Timing is everything!

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how they asked

Raymond had been planning our engagement for months and I had no idea! Back in December, we had taken a family trip to the Dominican Republic to celebrate Christmas and New Years with family and friends. During this trip, I had heard some whispers that our 2018 was going to be “extra special” and my brain started turning with thought!

It was not until we were back in New York that I had made a conscious decision to not put so much thought into those whispers in order to avoid driving myself completely crazy! Now that I reflect on my time leading up to his proposal, it seems the universe was sending me signs too! From friends having dreams of a proposal and weddings, to meeting random strangers while out and somehow end up talking about weddings and marriage – little did I know that so much was already in the works!

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Fast forward to the Spring of 2018, our birthdays had come and gone and there was a new popular song on the radio that had just been released called “El Anillo” (The Ring) by Jennifer Lopez. Every time I turned on the radio it was playing, every time we went to a family BBQ it was blasting, every time I was near my future mother-n-law she was humming it – it became a song we could not get out of their heads!

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On the week of July 16th, Raymond had mentioned us having dinner with his family on Saturday, July 21st to celebrate his grandmother’s 81st birthday. A couple of days later, he mentioned that plans had changed and we were now going to be celebrating his god mother’s retirement. I did not question the change in plans because I did know his godmother had retired at the end of the school season and his grandmother’s birthday was not until Wednesday that coming week.

Due to an incident in NYC that week, my job allowed me to work from home Thursday and Friday which threw a monkey wrench in Raymond’s plans and to say he was frazzled is an understatement, but he prevailed! With the help of my mother and a close friend, my nails were done, I had a hair appointment for Saturday morning, and had plans to shop for an outfit directly after. In Raymond’s eyes, all was falling into place!

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Saturday morning, all errands were done, and we had both found an outfit and was set to arrive at the “retirement party” at 6 pm. We were both dressed and ready early which is a rare sight! We were on our way to meet Raymond’s family by 4:30 pm and upon arrival Raymond had told me to wait in the car so he can see if his family was ready to leave. A few moments later, he was making his way back to me and explains that his family is not ready but that we should go ahead and grab some drinks before the festivities began.

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About 15 minutes later we arrived at Tarrytown, NY – a place we frequently visit. We spotted a local pub, parked the car, and began walking but at that moment Raymond mentioned he forgot something in the car. I waited in place and before I knew it, Raymond explained that his family was only a few minutes from the venue and that we should probably skip the pub and go straight to the party. A few minutes later, we were parked again and walked into the restaurant where I thought the retirement party was being held. The hostess explained we were in the wrong location and she pointed in a general direction of another restaurant on the property. At this point, I began to ask 21 questions! Where were we going? What is the name of the location? Who was invited? Raymond dodged every question gracefully and reassured me he knew exactly where he was going!

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We began to take a stroll down this path that bordered the Hudson River, with beautiful views of the Tappan Zee Bridge. Raymond began reminiscing about the evening before and was saying beautiful, very emotional words. It was then that I spotted a drone above us and as I looked to my right I spotted a crowd of our closest family and friends all holding long stem red roses. I was in complete shock and speechless – I remember saying “what is happening?!”

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I looked at Raymond, eyes already swelled with tears, as he got down on one knee and asked the question I had long dreamed about – “will you marry me?” The tears began to roll, I grabbed him and said: “yes, of course!!”

It was at that moment, that all our families and friends began approaching us, handed me roses and wished us all the best! After, Raymond and his team organized a party with champagne, food, and music for our friends and family. The ambiance was truly beautiful! I could not have asked for anything more, it was a moment we will never forget and always cherish.

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Raymond had booked a hotel room for the remainder of the weekend through Monday. He called my boss a week prior and arranged for me to have Monday off! I could not have asked for a more thoughtful moment, to say that I am marrying the man of my dreams is an understatement!

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