Brittney and Quinten

How We Met

We met by going to a get together at the beach with mutual friends. He was the cutest boy there and if there was going to be flirting he was the obvious choice. After the beach everyone wanted to go out for ice cream but we preferred frozen yogurt. We and a few others decided to go for froyo instead. When everyone sat down, the first table was full so just the two of us sat at a nearby table and talked and got to know each other. Later, I wanted a reason to talk to him. We became friends on Facebook and I came up with embarrassing ways to spark up conversation. We kept seeing each other with mutual friends and eventually went on outings just the two of us. We fell fast and hard. He’d say that I forced him to date me but it’s by far the best thing anyone has forced him to do!

how they asked

The two of us went on vacation the weekend that he proposed. I had no idea. He told me he had a couple surprises for me when we would arrive back in our hometown. We had already planned to see a movie but he was taking me on two other surprises. Before the movie we went out to out favorite coffee shop and got some iced coffees, then the movie, and then we went out to the beach where our first date was. It was a reenactment of out first date. All I could think was “this would be the perfect time and setting to propose.” Of course my fiance is terrible at surprises usually so I also could only think “there’s no way he could pull that off.” Jokingly, I kept asking “so what’s my next surprise.” He was waiting for the sun to go down and continued to convince me that there was no way he was proposing. Eventually, he pulled me close and whispered “what would you say if I told you I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” He asked me to stand up and turn around. When I did he was on one knee asking me to marry him. I was shocked and overjoyed to the point that I couldn’t stop smiling or shaking for the rest of the night. Who knew he could pull off the perfect surprise proposal!