Brittney and Matt

How We Met

My freshman year I pledged Delta Zeta Sorority at East Carolina University. Delta Zeta was paired with a fraternity called Pi Kappa Alpha for homecoming. We were to complete a float, skit, and banner contest during homecoming week to compete with other student organizations. Matt was pledging Pi Kappa Alpha at the time. We had heard of each other through a mutual friend and the first homecoming meeting we sat beside each other during the brainstorming session. We spent countless hours together the weeks leading up to homecoming. We started a friendship and developed many mutual friends in the process. In the skit I played Bonnie from the Flinstones and he was Bam Bam so we spent even more time together rehearsing! Through homecoming and the rest of the year we became very good friends. Come Spring things started to change. The crush that had been developing since Homecoming in the fall started to surface. Matt asked his friend to bring me to his fraternity spring formal in Myrtle Beach so we could hang out all weekend at the beach (He had already asked a childhood friend to go with him.) I went with a friend and that weekend at the beach began our relationship. After that weekend of hanging with all our mutual friends we knew we really liked each other. When we got back to college Matt took me on a date to get Mexican (my favorite!!) and it was history from there.

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how they asked

Matt and I had been together for almost 5 years. We were college sweethearts at East Carolina University. We had never gotten to spend a Christmas together but since we are both working and living in Charlotte we thought this year may be our year. We really wanted to spend Christmas together but his family was spending Christmas at the beach and I spent it with my parents at my childhood home. We were both bummed. But, On Christmas day right before we were about to have our family Christmas dinner I got a phone call from Matt. He told me that my parents and I needed to go outside to see something. I knew there was a full moon that night so I thought he wanted us to see the beautiful moon. When we went outside I was shocked he had showed up to surprise me so we could spend the last bit of Christmas together. I was so excited we could experience the most magical day together! Little did I know the surprise wasn’t him showing up. Before I could hug him and tell him how happy I was he dropped to one knee in the yard surrounded by Christmas lights and asked me to marry him (in my Christmas pajamas and all.) I simply lost my breath and thought I was going to pass out. After he asked I said, “Wait, are you kidding?” Shocked is an understatement. It was so special my family was there to experience this amazingly special moment in our lives. Then we enjoyed the rest of Christmas sharing our news, enjoying the joy of Christmas, and soaking up the newly engaged buzz with friends, family, and our adorable puppy.

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