Brittney and Jordan - Incredible Proposal Video

How We Met: A little over 3 years ago Jordan and I met through mutual friends, we threw an 80’s party and he showed up in his purple windbreaker outfit after his first turtle spins and break dance moves it was love at first sight!!  But truly we really hit it off right away we had so much in common from our love for music, travel and adventure to our views on life and our willingness to make eachother happy, and be as happy in life as we can.

how they asked: Every Year after thanksgiving we throw a Friendsgiving where we get together all of our best friends and celebrate, I had known he had been working on a video all summer with his best friend and could not figure out for the life of me why he wasn’t including me in this one like he usually does with all his other creative projects. After a few months of him filming without me he convinced me this was something he wanted to do with just his best friend which made sence to me since his best friend was about to leave for a year long missionary trip, I eventually believed him and was okay with him doing this without me. After we all ate on friendsgiving he said he wanted to show us a video that he had made with his best friend and he wanted to film our reaction so his friend who is gone on the trip could watch our reactions, it was an amazing video and the whole time watching it i couldnt stop thinking about how beautiful it was, at the very end of the video there was this beautiful ring (I had absolutely no idea that the video was a proposal video for me!) Anyways words cannot explain the love and overwhelming happiness this video explains, to see the video of his proposal and everyones reaction!!

Film by WhiskeyToo Productions