Brittney and Hector

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hawaii

how they asked

We had been dating for almost 5 years and it was our first big trip to Hawaii so naturally, I felt like I knew he was about to ask. However, when making a comment hinting towards the idea before we left that I knew, he sat me down and let me know that he was not planning on proposing in Hawaii and he didn’t want me to be upset. Heartbroken and disappointed, I totally believed him. Little did I know he had a trick up his sleeve (or I guess in his wallet).

Where to Propose in Hawaii

We had spent the day taking tours and horsebacking around the Kualoa Ranch preserve when Hector suggested we take more photos on a desolate beach in front of China Man’s hat. I agreed but remember being confused since I’m usually the one eager to take photos. We set up a Bluetooth camera tripod that allowed us to take photos of ourselves from distance through a remote that I was holding behind his back.

When Hector got down on one knee, I pretty much blacked out but had somehow remembered to hold down the camera button on the Bluetooth remote (hence the captured memory). It was the most surprising and wonderful moment in my life that I can still feel, however cannot remember anything that was said! Blackout engagement is a real thing!