Brittney and Hayden

Brittney and Hayden's Engagement in Boston, Massachusetts

How We Met

Hayden and I met our senior year at Northeastern University. He was in a fraternity and I was in a sorority, and for homecoming, our fellow sisters and brothers both set us up to be each other’s dates for a dance. They thought we would get along and somehow we went through all of college without meeting despite having similar friends!

We decided that we both wanted to meet one another before the big homecoming dance that we were tasked with going together. As we both worked full-time jobs, were very involved with extracurriculars and our course work – our schedules never seemed to align. One night after chapter, I was grabbing a beer at the Northeastern college bar Connor Larkins with my sisters. It was a very common thing after Chapter to grab a beer, some buffalo chicken nachos and play bingo on Tuesdays. Since there were a lot of fraternity men at the bar that night as well, I decided to see if Hayden was one of them. After sending the text saying “I’m at Connors! Any shot you are here?” He quickly replied “yes! I’ll bring you a beer -where are you sitting?”

Hayden approached the table of girls and brought me a bud light and shook my hand saying it was nice to meet me. I pulled over a chair and encouraged him to “sit down” because I’d like to get to know him better. After 10 minutes of talking, I had the feeling that I didn’t want to leave his presence, and we continued to talk the rest of the night until the bar closed. Shortly after that, we went on our very first date and the rest was history!

How They Asked

Hayden and I both live in Boston, Massachusetts after meeting our senior year in college at Northeastern University. In the middle of the winter, Hayden’s parents drove up from their home in CT to see the new condo that we bought together! Since they have only visited Boston a few times, Hayden and I both wanted to take them to all of the touristy places, including our favorite spot – the Boston Public Library and Copley Place.

As we were finishing up our big tour of the city we ended upright in the middle of both of our favorite spots in the city – the park between the Copley church and the Boston Public Library. As we were walking around trying to figure out where to go next, he asked if I was having a nice day – to which I said ‘of course!’. Continuing our conversation of how great the day was and how happy things were he proceeded to ask me “do you remember the other night when you jokingly asked me if I wanted to be silly with you forever? We’ll I have known that I have wanted to spend forever with you for a very long time.” Then, right in the middle of our two favorite spots in the city where we fell and love and built a home – he asked me to marry him. I was in such shock the only thing I said was “WAIT – you want to marry me?!?!?”

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After I said yes, both his parents and my parents (who were invited to be hiding nearby) came out to celebrate – and Hayden hired two amazing photographers to catch the entire thing without me noticing! It was such an incredibly special moment and I was so happy we were able to celebrate that moment with our families.

But Hayden’s surprises didn’t stop there. Since we were nearby Northeastern University, and the bar where we first met, I half-joking/half-seriously wanted to go grab a drink (and a shot-ski – a classic NU tradition) at that spot before we went to a nice dinner to celebrate. Reluctantly, Hayden agreed even though he made me feel ridiculous for requesting such a “so college” thing right after we got engaged.

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So, families en tow, we made our way through Northeastern University and into the local dive-bar where we first met, Connor Larkins. As we entered the bar I could see that the place was completely slammed, and before I knew it I was overcome with 70+ people screaming “surprise!”. Hayden had invited my entire family and our high school and college friends to a surprise engagement party at the place where we first met. As I scanned the room I saw so many special faces who traveled from Connecticut, New York, Chicago, Pennsylvania all to celebrate our special day – I instantly broke down with the overwhelming feeling of love from all of our friends and family and for Hayden, who somehow coordinated this entire event without me knowing.

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But the surprises continued. Hayden, my mom, and my best friend bought decorations to jazz up the booth where we first met. Since the bar has a limited liquor license, Hayden ordered my favorite bottles of Prosecco to the bar for the celebration. And that shot-ski that I was looking forward to doing – well, Hayden bought us our very own, that friends and family signed with well-wishes over the course of the night (and also participated in drinking from).

It truly was a night I will never forget and I can’t believe I am lucky enough to marry such an incredible individual who put so much thought into one of the biggest days of our lives. Not to mention – he knew me well enough to know I would want to go back to Connor Larkins after he proposed!

Special Thanks

Kataram Photography
 | Photographer
Connor Larkins
 | Bar that helped special order food, drinks and blocked space for our party