Brittney and Dustin

How We Met

We met 11 months ago on a dating app called bumble and it was pretty much love at first site. After our first date, we couldn’t stop talking to each other. On our second date, he invited my son and me over for a homemade meal. I got to meet his son and he met mine. After the second date we were always together.

How They Asked

So my brother has a Texas country band and we were going to his gig on December 15th. It was like any other gig we had ever been to of my brothers. Hanging out with family and friends, and dancing. Then…… my brother finished a song and said someone needed to be brought up on stage. He then called my boyfriend up who plays guitar, and me who sings.

Brittney's Proposal in The watering hole

My brother said we were gonna sing a song. I am super shy so I was nervous. My brother goes to “switch” guitars with my boyfriend and while I wasn’t paying attention…… HE PULLED OUT THE RING!!!!!! I was so shocked. I couldn’t believe it.

All my family and friends were there to share in this amazing moment. It was the best night of my life. And to think it all started from a simple hello on a dating app.

Where to Propose in The watering hole